GOP Spins Conspiracy Theories About Arrest of FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried: A Closer Look

Published on December 14, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at disgraced cryptocurrency mogul Sam Bankman-Fried being arrested and charged with eight criminal counts after the collapse of FTX, while Republicans claim the arrest is a ploy to keep him from testifying to Congress.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Robbie DeMoss 3 months ago

    Ftx disclosed his donations to the Democrats and remained dark when he donated to the republicans also. He donated to both

  • Diego O' Land 3 months ago

    Ya because being arrested totally gets you off the hook for testifying under oath. good lord.

  • jalabi99 3 months ago

    Some people are saying that just based on how Sam Bank-Fraud dressed that he was somehow untrustworthy. Ken Lay (Enron), Bernie Madoff, and Jordan Belfort wore three-piece suits all day. The moral of the story is: it doesn’t matter how well or how badly you dress, a fraudster is a fraudster.

  • Draeth Darkstar 3 months ago

    Gollum doesn’t use first-person pronouns. It calls itself Gollum.

  • Dark Daddy Dirty 3 months ago

    Only a white kid could look like that and still get ppl to invest, incredible

  • Jeffrey Droog 3 months ago

    It’s very odd that Jeffery epstein was murdered in jail,before he could point fingers at the then,sitting president? What would be the motivation to murder someone,in a jail,while the cameras are off,and guards are on nap breaks,before they have the chance to testify in court? Man,these conspiracies get out of control pretty quickly if you just ask any question lol

  • Lucas Breen 3 months ago

    I feel like that was 20 minutes of a 12 minute clip spent on bullshit crypto. Not. Funny.

  • E.L. Puppington 3 months ago

    Seth Meyers + SBF hair = Hugh Grant, somehow???

  • Teri Guy 3 months ago

    Somehow…this is just not funny. So much bigger than FTX and many people just lost a lot of money.

  • Tophinator 3 months ago

    Any conspiracy theorists out there that’s actually interested in finding out how he got caught and why, look up CoffeeZilla, here on YT.

    What he did: FTX was offering, falsely, secure accounts where their bitcoins couldn’t be touched. He then took those accounts to do things like provide collateral for loan money, cover trade loss for his other fungible accounts & to do pretty much anything else with. It’s actually disgusting.

  • Phil Johnson 3 months ago

    He doesn’t look homeless enough for Albuquerque.

  • Kat 3 months ago

    I don’t really get it either. Just can’t see how ‘Fake’ crypto currency is all that different from ‘Fake’ Fed money? To h**l with it all – Anyone wanna trade my Fed cash for a beaver pelt ??? I suspect the beaver pelt is worth a lot more on a cold winter’s night. 🤔 Food for thought . . .

  • latenightist 3 months ago

    Seth Coin is gonna end up on a Q forum somewhere bc of the red eyes lol

  • Blue 3 months ago

    Seeing Seth in a suit would be like seeing a guy with a freshly shaved face after 5 years

  • Yogin Patel 3 months ago

    But how many Wallybucks for a case of wallynuts??

  • fatmn 3 months ago

    Correction: It’s a well-documented fact that Princess Peach, Mario and Bowser have a consensual adult relationship that involves kidnapping roleplay, and frankly I’m disgusted that you would shame them about it.

  • Ken Branaugh 3 months ago

    Why is everyone wasting time with all this stupid bullshite? Are you all insane? P

  • Mike Cif 3 months ago

    Actually the lord of the rings extended cut adds more than TWO HOURS across the three movies.

  • Jay 3 months ago

    Actually if you fuckin absolute morons watched the congress hearing you would’ve heard AOC saying the exact thing you’re claiming republicans are apparently “conspiring”. Lol like give it a fuckin rest and quit sucking off whichever political party you vote for 😑😑. Be a little more objective Seth if that’s possible you mutt


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