GOP Senators Won’t Let Us See Their New Healthcare Bill

Published on June 17, 2017

The Senate healthcare bill joins Area 51 as a top secret American entity that only government officials can lay eyes upon.

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  • Luigi Lim 7 months ago

    Cut again??

  • Anuja Pal 7 months ago

    Stephen Colbert is my idea of a perfect man.

  • kedge 7 months ago

    its easier to find anthony weiner d pics than info on healtcare bill

  • Adahop 7 months ago

    Sweet! I guessed correctly which video was first! Because not only are you guys still cutting the monologue into pieces, you keep uploading them in random order.

  • God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon 7 months ago

    I think the Senate healthcare bill is hidden in the same place as Trump’s tax returns and Jared Kushner’s voice.

  • zach miller 7 months ago

    This new healthcare bill should be named as ‘Hush and Rush’.

  • SeanATD X 7 months ago

    I literally wait till this time every day to watch the monologue

  • Andy Robles 7 months ago

    3:24 – 3:26 A wild dying dolphin has appeared 😂🐬

  • Mr. Plinkett 7 months ago

    Hello 1 dislike. How’s it going?
    You ok? Did you pee pee today?

  • Get Rekt 7 months ago

    The Republican healthcare bill could literally be the same thing as Obamacare, and Trump supporters would cheer about how it’s so much better than Obamacare.

  • Eric Ling 7 months ago

    I’m guessing the vast majority of the Republican base still doesn’t know the proper name of “Obamacare.” Honestly, how deep do their “representative’s” dicks have to be in their anus before they realize they’re being fucked up the ass?

  • Mharti McDonhalds 7 months ago

    If that’s what happens when you say “mean” three times, what happens when you say “SAD” three times?

    Some creepy perve-I mean Trump appears and tries to cop a feel?

  • Chris Taylor 7 months ago

    Love the Adam West homage. Creatively done. Nice job guys.

  • MagusMirificus 7 months ago

    Tricky one tonight, since they cut off the end of the monologue, but here we go:
    Monologue order:
    1/2: “GOP Senators Won’t Let Us See Their New Healthcare Bill”
    2/2: “Trump Says ‘Not To Worry’ About Rising Sea Levels”

    Also, “Wonder Woman” is just as awesome as everyone says it is; go see it, if you haven’t.

  • Romero Ranulfo 7 months ago

    Stephen is totally movin’ n’ groovin’ to the beat!!!

  • Xola Feni 7 months ago

    Stephen Colbert is hilarious

  • headcoLd 7 7 months ago

    Crooks! From prison to hell with you tyrants!

  • Alex Landherr 7 months ago

    Yes!, I found the first part of the monologue on my first attempt!

  • Matthew Whitt 7 months ago

    I bet they won’t let us see there bitch ass out of government.

  • Hilfigertout 7 months ago

    Oh look, Trump changed his mind instantly again. This time on healthcare. I’ll add it to the list.


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