GOP Senators Warned About Trump’s Violence – Now They’re Ignoring It: A Closer Look

Published on February 11, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at the House impeachment managers presenting a damning and powerful case against former President Donald Trump this week, and still Republicans have made clear they just don’t care.

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  • A Co 2 months ago

    Anyone who supported Trump is a complete knucklehead conspiracy theorist with no clue.

  • KHAZZOOM 2 months ago

    Unsubscribing because I have noticed in a series of videos that you can’t help but repeatedly interject entirely unnecessary porn or porn-inspired references to get some laughs – all while passionately crying out for justice. Shame on you.

  • EscapeMCP 2 months ago

    Coronavirus was the dumpster fire for 2020. America has now taken on that mantle for 2021. God bless you Unites States (or whatever it is you’ll be called after the overthrow and new re-constitution).

  • Rach 2 months ago

    W-ah-p? It’s w-aa-p, Seth 😆…. right? 🤔

  • Ray Ceeya 2 months ago

    Hooters is named after bare breasted owls?

  • Xv Xv 2 months ago

    Cowards!!!! All of them, no spine. Praising a false king, instead of their country

  • Rosemarie Bredahl 2 months ago

    Biden’s moving forward with those things that Rubio claimed he’d be doing if he wasn’t fulfilling his duty to try “all” impeachments from the House of Representatives.
    Video about Trump’s history of violence addresses one of the criteria for incitement, that being that the violence of those incited could be foreseen.

  • Bismuth Crystal 2 months ago

    Conservative media is now saying that Democrats said to “fight.” So their argument is basically this:
    I’m playing a videogame with a friend. I say, “I’m gonna kill you.” I kill them in the game. Later, my friend says, “I’m going to kill you.” And shoots me in the face in real life. My friend is not guilty because I *technically* said the same words in a *wildly* different context (which caused no killing).
    It is pathetic. And it is depressing that it’s working. Our democracy is doomed.

  • Sort Tab 2 months ago

    Impeachment is NOT designed to remove someone from office…. They finish their term and are then refused to ever SERVE again. That’s all Folks

  • Natasha Sheree 2 months ago

    where was he when former house majority leader McConnell said WAIT until after the inauguration to have the trial?

  • Dylan Brown 2 months ago

    Does anyone else think that the first two days of this trial has the same energy as the opening scene of “better call Saul”?

  • Anthony Clay 2 months ago

    This guy Seth hates Trump but he is obsessed with Trump because it disturbs him to see how a real man reacts to things and everybody knows Seth is a wimp.

  • David DeLaney 2 months ago

    … *I* want the Filet-o-Fish.

    –Dave, it’s the only sandwich from there I’ve eaten, for over 50 years

  • Puff Dragon421 2 months ago

    Best late night show hands down.

  • Rick Rosas 2 months ago

    Juan puts up with so much bullshit on a daily I would HATE that job probably couldn’t pay me enough to do it

  • Fynrir Beskar 2 months ago

    Useless impeachment, they still gonna acquit him

  • Ilka Lohmann 2 months ago

    GOP stands for Gaslight our People.
    They do they propaganda Stalin Style.

  • Libby Powell 2 months ago

    Americans… DO SOMETHING… Thenworld is watching. You tell us that you are the leaders of the free world… BS… F***ing do something…

  • eric kestner 2 months ago

    Or maybe we ignore the republicans and explain it to the people.

  • seemscoo1 ska 2 months ago

    are you sponserd by mcdonalds ,your always going on about them


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