GOP Has A Big Night | Rep. Boebert Thinks Parents Don’t Deserve Paid Family Leave

Published on November 3, 2021

The gubernatorial election results in Virginia and New Jersey pointed to a strong showing by Republicans and those unhappy with President Biden. Elsewhere in the GOP, Rep. Lauren Boebert offended many by mocking the idea that new parents deserve paid family leave to tend to their newborns. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Steven S 2 years ago

    So when are the recount and audits?

  • Marthe Morais 2 years ago

    Boebert is an embarrassment to her children ….she never cared enough about them to stay home and take care of them .

  • drstevenrey 2 years ago

    Americans needing to dance and Germans needing to sing and march. Why does an old man dance around like a cock when he clearly does not know how to dance. All these Trump clones do this. Daft as a brush. Sorry, that’s not fair to the brush.
    If the GOP doesn’t stop the whole Trump-ism stuff really fast, America will never ever get back on the map of the world. It’s a lot worse than national socialism ever was.

  • Lex Slate 2 years ago

    Regarding that adulterous family-values Republican, I recall the saying: “A thief believes that all men steal.”
    Regarding Boebert, did she just argue that because moms are so bust they do not have time to get more time to take care of their kids? Because that’s the kind of reasoning I’d expect from someone with a recent head injury.

  • Piccalilli Pit 2 years ago

    *MESSAGE FROM EUROPE* People hate governments that promise things and don’t deliver – and they don’t give a sh!t what the reason is…

    100% Munchkin and cinnamon bun’s fault.

  • RuamPaiRueay 2 years ago

    199 years? Some cricket players are gonna be irritated by that

  • Sean Rynearson 2 years ago

    I use to love and respect you before I notice your EXTREME bias.. gonna miss ya

  • C. M. 2 years ago

    “Democrats have experience in being disappointed.”
    “Democrats have experience in being a disappointment” is more fitting.
    Yes, Trump is a nightmare and the Republican party is essentially authoritarian and anti-democracy.
    But always when authoritarianism is on the rise, it takes two things: A party that is authoritarian and against democracy… and another party that is so limp and ineffectual and weak that the authoritarians can start to seem appealing.

    Well done, Democratic party. If in 20 years the USA won’t be considered an actual democracy anymore, we’ll know who to “thank” for.

  • Carlos Cabellero 2 years ago

    Lol holy crap lol

  • Sean Rynearson 2 years ago

    No mention of the Jamaican LT gov?

  • TheTaintedWisdom 2 years ago

    I can’t imagine wanting *one* family, let alone _two_ of them. Also, is there a Republican running on “family values” who *didn’t* turn out to be a complete fucking scumbag??? I know that politicians of all walks of life disingenuously pander for votes but the sheer number of Republicans who turn out to be the *worst* possible offenders is just _staggering._

    As for Lauren Bobert, maybe if she’s too busy to take adequate care of her kids maybe she should focus on increasing wages, make it so people aren’t petrified to go to the doctors for childbirth out of fear of being buried under mountains of medical debt, or maybe, you know, STOP FUCKING WITHOUT CONTRACEPTION! You’re supposed to be in the party of personal responsibility right?! If you’ve got no time to raise your kids THEN STOP HAVING THEM!

  • bladecutter1 2 years ago

    Someone should explain to Boebert that Maternity Leave doesn’t actually start until AFTER you give birth to the child.
    Her sound bite about giving birth in the truck means nothing about the actual topic she is talking.
    Additionally, something negative could be said about the characteristics of her birth canal if the kids just fall out during a car drive…

  • ForeverMe543 2 years ago

    Great so democrats aren’t fighting hard enough to battle the lunatics and racists

  • Sean Rynearson 2 years ago

    How are your to tell a mother how to do her maternity leave? Come on . It not your fight or opinion unless meaning to degrade other

  • Mike Jordan 2 years ago

    Who cares what this sparky ultra-liberal nit wit has to say……….and I won’t miss him when his show gets canceled.


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