Good News: The Government Still Exists

Published on December 19, 2018

American citizens, there’s some fantastic news about your federal government. It still exists!

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  • Nathaniel Gousset 2 years ago

    Obviously Trump never heard of the adjective « concrete » wich means tangible, real and is not a direct reference of the material choosed in the wall.
    I think the democrats trapped him with this one willingly.
    The #SAD things seems that Stephen haven’t heard of it too.

  • Flying Dutchman 2 years ago

    Not Americans defeated ISiS, Russians and Iran did!
    The only thing Americans did whas feeding ISIS and Bombing Innocent Syrian Citizens out their Homes and Cities and inly created a refugees stream to Europe and America!
    All shit what happened in the Middle East is becouse of The criminal Zionic Fake Jews in Apartheid and illegal state Israel and Americans!

  • Hammond Think 2 years ago

    Wow Stephen wants more war! If anything, this was the best move Trump has ever done and you oppose it??

  • Pow 2 years ago

    First position i agree with Trump on, regardless of his personal reasoning. This endless war profiteering needs to stop. If the war hawks were to have their way. We would be toppling Assad creating yet another power vacuum. Potentially pushing us ever closer to a war with Russia, or at the very least an al-Qaida 2.0 … Maybe now we can spend our tax money on fixing our country. Rather then spending it on some war a whole ocean away. In the name of some big shot oil tycoons.

  • Carina Dinopol 2 years ago

    looooovveeee this guy!

  • Ozymandias1895 2 years ago

    Yesterday i read a joke that can easily be rewritten to fit on trump.
    “My father showed me yesterday a presentation on the topic ‘why to always use a condom’. It was 30 slides with pictures of me” 😀 (If the grammar or spelling is wrong, sorry i’m not a native speaker. just a german afraid of the president of our former allie)

  • Napoleon 2 years ago

    This just gives Russia and Iran more power in the Middle East, and as our allyship with Saudi Arabia decreases this only hurts America’s influence in the Middle East more.

  • Sherlock Smuuug 2 years ago

    Berlin 1945, late April.
    Allied troops advance on the last major nazi stronghold, preparing the final assault, while hitler prepares to shoot himself.

    *Phone rings*

    Truman: “We have defeated the nazis in Germany, my only reason for being there during the Truman Presidency. Everyone go home now immediately and leave everything as it is.
    Me smart.”

    *Stalin moves in and takes over all of central europe three minutes later*

  • Joan Hampshire 2 years ago

    As Humpty Trumpty sat on His Wall
    He almost had a Great Falll
    As his Oval Orifice was tickled by sharp steel
    Because Nancy refused him “the art of a deal ”
    No $5 billion cement was her final decision
    Now Drumpf’s ar..e has a whopping incision.

  • Steve Holmgren 2 years ago

    Get American troops out of islamic territory. Don’t send the future into the past. I hate Trump, but if he can get everyone out of the middle-east so those idiots can rot without us? That’s *great*. Darwin gave up there.

  • Stacey Rosbury 2 years ago

    trumps “wall” is iron bars

  • SpaceFox 2 years ago

    US presence in Syria was illegal anyway

  • Ordinem Mortis 2 years ago

    You mean bad news?

  • Joan Hampshire 2 years ago

    Putin is Rasputably worth $500 billion from his 50% extortion of all oligarch’s profits..and then along comes snivelling, poverty-stricken debt up to his eyeballs..including $400 million to Deutche who is in the driver’s seat? What’s a few billion $ to Vlad to control his greedy, needy, lackey Pres?

  • lazyperfectionist1 2 years ago

    “But here’s the key thing. There is no funding for Trump’s wall.”
    ? _What?_ You mean the _wealthy_ aren’t willing to pay for it?

  • K Y 2 years ago

    Trump is HOPELESS ?

  • lazyperfectionist1 2 years ago

    “I’ll _tell_ you what it’s gonna be made of. It’s gonna be made of hardened concrete.”
    As opposed to _softened_ concrete?

  • Carl Senawo 2 years ago

    I would never ever understand why he keeps announcing major decisions on Twitter ?‍♂️

  • Sean Cassidy 2 years ago

    You sir are a traitor and will be treated as such, this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Your lies are no longer working, we will build the wall, we will protect out country. We will decide what happens, these so called politicians are done, its over. We the people will decide, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Liberals will be will get what is coming to them. We are taking back our country, don’t believe me, just wait and see.


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