Go Ahead, Make Her Day (Act 1, Part 2) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

Published on September 29, 2016

Hillary had the audacity to come prepared to Monday’s debate.
Watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee next week for another Debate Special on Wednesday, October 5 at 10:30/ 9:30c on TBS!

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  • BananaTube 4 years ago

    Sam’s back!

  • Smol Emo Beans Anonymous 4 years ago

    im supposed to be asleep but this uploaded so I guess not

  • Michelle Pan 4 years ago

    To be fair prior to the debate, Hillary looked worried, as though weeks of
    preparation wasn’t enough. Granted, that didn’t last long 15 minutes in.

  • ericrosswiksten 4 years ago

    Sam- as a 51 year old white man, that last 15 or so seconds frightened me.

  • Jack Ding 4 years ago

    It’s hard to fact check when both campaigns said they didn’t want a heavy
    fact-checking moderator. I think he did a pretty good job of walking that
    line imo

  • The Two Worlds 4 years ago

    Yes! Thank you Sam!! #killerb

  • john barrington 4 years ago

    Samantha’s the best

  • Kevin Moore 4 years ago

    @2:33 – classic: “it was in your book – you should read it some time –
    you’ll love it – it’s about you”

  • darknightoftroy 4 years ago

    This was glorious. Great work Samantha!

  • Benjamin O'Donnell 4 years ago

    “Projectile lying in your face” – that mental image was triggering.

  • Nicholas Naudé 4 years ago

    LOVE this show so much.

  • Govanmauler 4 years ago

    Lol at the f**kin Megyn Kelly drive by

  • kool2btrue 4 years ago

    “I DARE YOU” was my exact same response when the Bill thing almost came on.
    I pray that he does bring it up, it will burn him so fast.

  • zammmerjammer 4 years ago

    “Hermione Clinton” — ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • fred sims 4 years ago

    Why does Trump have such a limited voccalabry?

  • Alan Lambert 4 years ago

    Trump says we need Law and Order.

    Well, the only one left is SVU and I think we need Sam Waterston back.

  • DisneyKidsFOREVER 4 years ago

    Anyone else noticed how she referred to him as “Donald.”
    it’s geniuses because it reminds people that he has no other Profesional
    title and it refuses to acknowledge the very piece of him he hols so
    dear…”The Trump Name.”

  • Jim Fortune 4 years ago

    Megyn Kelly has her moments!

  • Frank Drebbin 4 years ago

    At 01:22 — No, of course you can’t hear the Bass. ‘Coz you FEEL it !!!!!
    What would your favorite music sound like with the Bass? Not your favorite
    anymore, believe you me!

  • kbbbb7 4 years ago

    I was going to comment on how the female Fox Journalist on Fox ‘n’ Friends
    just sat there while Trump was a huge sexist, but then Megyn Kelly redeemed
    all the women on the entire network. By calling out what a joke her male
    co-worker is. Snap.


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