Global Warming’s Island Effect, Elon’s Twitter Poll Disaster & Biden’s Fart | The Daily Show

Published on November 9, 2021

Island nations say they will eventually disappear due to climate change, Elon Musk asks Twitter whether he should sell his Tesla stock, and the U.K. media has a field day after President Biden farts in front of Camilla Parker Bowles. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MichaelKosta



  • siddhant shukla 1 year ago

    It will be wild if Elon actually sold those stocks

  • Henry Grey 1 year ago


  • Paul L 1 year ago

    probably tanked it on purpose

  • Twilight Gardens presentations 1 year ago

    He could looks start a national jobs program with a living wage!

    Instead of texting him he could just set up philanthropic organizations that pay out to the construction of our nations infrastructure under our law without paying the government but instead paying the people so that what they pay is the taxes he pays by making sure they always get paid to do work

  • Javier Toussaint, Sr 1 year ago

    He could give away his salary, wouldn’t affect him. He could help fix our planet, but instead we’ve given Ewrong Must a free pass to $#¡+ on our planet

  • Daniel M Boelian 1 year ago

    None of us have to pay taxes on stocks that we haven’t sold yet it’s; not like it’s something unique to rich people. He did the Twitter poll any selling the stocks to make a point. Framing it like it’s a fail because people voted for him to sell is intentional misrepresentation. Downvote this video if you have more than two brain cells and you recognize the fact that Elon Musk is better at allocation of capital than then the US government.

  • Musse Bekele 1 year ago

    Why aren’t you saying anything about what’s biden doing to Ethiopian

  • Ima AYOOLUWA 1 year ago

    You guys are hilarious

  • Unicorn-Town-Going-Down 1 year ago

    Pffft the lesson isn’t to not take financial advice from Twitter (though, you also shouldn’t do that) it’s to not tie your money to Elon Musk because he’s incredibly impulsive and the market swings wildly based on a tweet.

  • Felicia The Diamond In The Sky 1 year ago


  • SAM Ja Do BHAIYA 1 year ago

    *We should be careful about money usage, if you’re not spending to recover, Then stop spending.*

  • NugsNJugs 1 year ago

    Now I expect that same guy make that speech in the same spot in the water every year.

  • Zk Motivation 1 year ago

    To all dreamers out there, don’t ever let the world’s negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If your surround yourself with love and with right people, Anything is possible.

    Cheering for you✨

  • Danko Stojanovic 1 year ago

    Kosta killed it!

  • Faragar 1 year ago


  • Graf Zorba 1 year ago

    excuse me but what is Kosta still doing on this show? this has hasn’t made me smile a single time in years, just can’t believe there’s not better talent out there.

  • 1412 kaito 1 year ago

    if Britain were to get submerged, i am with global warming.

  • Ingrid Fong-Daley 1 year ago

    “How dare you break wind before me!”

    “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t realise it was your turn.”

  • Gqman Ultra 1 year ago

    Michael Coster somehow felt really uncomfortable 😕 I thought in the beginning its part of the show but in the end it seems like real

  • Erinn 1 year ago

    Elon Musk probably posted that poll so that he can short the Tesla stock and still make money.


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