Global Warming Could Impact The Miami Club Scene

Published on September 25, 2015

Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami explains that if we don’t do something about global warming, waters will rise and the young people of his parish won’t be able to go to the clubs.

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  • COSMO 5 years ago

    Archbishop looks pretty damn fresh.

  • Christian Rankin 5 years ago

    He’s a p i m p.

  • LuchoVena 5 years ago

    omg im a third to post? best EVER!

    anyways, the archbishop recognizes modern culture and certainly follows it

    the “uncle” bit, sometimes spanish say “tio” (uncle) to refer to a buddy,
    (mostly in Spain) – yea its quite a paradox

  • Robet Penguin 5 years ago


  • A D 5 years ago

    FUCK, this is boring!

  • i'm so tangy 5 years ago

    How do we know he’s not lying there?

  • alexgatillofull 5 years ago

    what a pimp he is very likable and thats good i bet in his community they
    appreciate him and he seems to help the young people stay away from trouble

  • morgan Williams 5 years ago

    he lies every Sunday that’s his job

  • zcizzorhandz 5 years ago

    C’mon that dude is a G.

  • Anas Maaz 5 years ago

    Pope does not youtube, does he?

  • simon amorim 5 years ago

    for a bishop he is pretty cool.

  • Yalmai Kazi 5 years ago

    you know what? real religious people are all so friendly and helpful no
    matter what. Be it christian ‘fathers’ or muslim ‘Imams.’ They will greet
    you with a smile, answer your questions and be generally great people. It’s
    the fake religious ones that stir up all the trouble. They have no idea
    what their scriptures say, they secretly harbor some very bad habits, and
    in general are bad people. And these guys are giving their respective
    religions a bad name.

  • Toby Ellis 5 years ago

    no, it’s too late to stop Miami from sinking, we have to do something about
    global warming too stop something even worse

  • Steve27775 5 years ago

    The Miami New Times reports that “On social issues, [Wenski] has become a
    rabid, Tea-Party style conservative whose ban on even discussing condoms
    might have led to hundreds of Haitians contracting HIV.” And he held a Mass
    of Reparation when Obama was awarded an honorary degree from Notre Dame,
    because he didn’t think they should be honoring a pro-choice president. He
    also opposes gay marriage and has been slow to deal with sexual abuse by
    Miami priests. It’s not surprising that a Catholic priest is against
    abortion, condoms and gay marriage, but his positions on those issues lead
    to real harm (as does his reluctance to face up to the issue of sexual
    abuse in the church – which is what led to the downfall of his predecessor
    as archbishop).

  • Joeiscool4 5 years ago

    Global warming is a hoax. Period

  • HarryVictor 5 years ago

    He hits the playground scene.

  • Talladega Tom 5 years ago

    End the woo woo ffs.

  • Jeffrey De Guzman 5 years ago

    Please upload longer videos like Comedy Central used to, its gonna help
    with the show’s popularity. I dont mind the ads either.

  • Nation 5 years ago

    Christians call themselves Christians but people like this guy – and the
    Pope, especially – prove that modern day Christians don’t know what it
    means to be Christian.

  • Tafami 5 years ago

    I can’t forget Stephen’s interpretative dance to “The king of glory”. Nice
    to see the mention.


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