Glenn Close And Stephen Act Without Words

Published on February 9, 2019

Stephen and the Oscar-nominated star of ‘The Wife,’ Glenn Close, act out prompts using only facial expressions in a game called ‘Up Close with Glenn Close.’

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  • prince 2 years ago

    Can’t believe this extraordinary legendary actress hasn’t got an Oscar. What you doing Oscars?

  • Rulin 2 years ago


  • miran x 2 years ago

    I just finished acquiring a credit in English for my high school diploma. My instructor was also an actor that acted in local plays. She was a fabulous and lovely person just like Glenn Close. It was nice working with a person that genuinely loved the English language and respected fine arts.

  • nikkos34 2 years ago

    If she doesn’t win the Oscar this year I quit watching the Oscars !

  • ArisCarroll 2 years ago

    yes glenn close you 71 year old plastic doll, you tell us how we today see women cuz surely you are in touch with todays generations… surely now when you have nothing left to lose is the time to speak out for the oppressed…. this is disgusting

  • Rini Kh 2 years ago

    Intelligent questions as always

  • Peak Hawking 2 years ago

    Brilliant… Acting is so good & they’re having genuine fun, it is amazing. Great show.

  • Nj Osborne 2 years ago

    I liked the game but how many people could do it?⁉️

  • Carol Benson 2 years ago

    I cannot wait to see this movie!

  • socrappyicoulddie 2 years ago

    I wanna know which writer came up with that smiling with no teeth set-up, that’s a brilliant acting exercise

  • TheDCDenizen 2 years ago

    I’ve always loved Glenn Close’s work. In addition to her movies, I thought her acting was incredible in “Damages.”

  • Edwina Godwin 2 years ago

    The Wife was an excellent movie. She does deserve an award!! The other actresses that got nominated were good as well. But Glenn was outstanding!

  • Inspodreams 2 years ago

    I’m not going to be IGNORED, Dan!

  • Carol Chase 2 years ago

    Oh, Glenn!! LMFAO!!

  • hironyx 2 years ago

    i would love to see them play the same game again, but with glenn close and meryl streep

  • sevenirises 2 years ago

    That was so much fun to watch! What a great interview with two such talented people. Love them both.

  • Ash White 2 years ago

    She’s awesome.

  • test channel 01 2 years ago

    her acting face in some scenes of this movie FREAKING amazing.

  • Madame Chairwoman 2 years ago

    Fantastic interview, Stephen! Ms. Close is amazing at her craft. The Academy, get it right and award her accordingly. She’s this year’s best actress and you know it. ?

  • The bat t 2 years ago

    Who’s achievement is greater , The King who does the impossible or the Mother who Made him I think its the Mother cause without her there would be no King, Also that was outstanding work


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