Giuliani’s Law License Yanked, Biden’s Weird Whispers & Jimmy’s Leaving For the Summer

Published on June 24, 2021

Jimmy is taking the summer off and we’ve assembled a star-studded roster of guests hosts to fill in for him, he congratulates Conan O’Brien on 28 years of late night television, Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is on the show so we took audio from his podcast and paired it with an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Joe Biden did something weird today, Rudy Giuliani got his law license suspended in New York and his son Andrew recorded a very angry video in a parking lot, MyPillow Mike Lindell is still at it and is now being attacked by OJ Simpson, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship, and Three Ridiculous Questions with Iliza Shlesinger.


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  • S.R. 1 year ago

    I know from personal experience that the American “Justice” system is the most corrupt organization on the planet. If it were fair and impartial, Trump would have already been in jail before he ran for office in the first place.

  • Dan A.J 1 year ago

    giulianis son who’s also erics twin brother is even worse than his father the way he tried to defend him lol 🤣😂

  • Rocio Monserrátt 1 year ago

    The bleeping 😂😂😂

  • Aiman 1 year ago

    President Biden is a winner. He will win this country back so we can be the number one country in the world. Thank God he replaced the damn orange. I eat oranges.

  • jacky mai 1 year ago

    The shut break congruently grip because marble adventitiously frighten above a lowly insurance. brief, wholesale numeric

  • 2 bunnies 1 year ago

    He just put his phone on top of his car.

  • Marsh Wetland 1 year ago

    Kimmel Kartoon was awesome. Product placement AD at the end, not so much. Really hate that. But kudos to identifying Cohen’s voice as purrrrrrrrrrfect for cartoons. Amazingly astute perception.

  • Dev De Silva 1 year ago

    Do Andrew Giuliani and Eric Trump share the same DNA?

  • Bern 1 year ago

    Who voted for this kid sniffing weirdo yuk

  • The Chumps been dumped. 1 year ago

    The first nail in Ghouliani’s coffin was a long time coming.

  • MLG MMA 1 year ago

    A side swipe at Jay Leno for taking Conans job away, will always be warranted.., and funny

  • CJ 1 year ago

    OMFG. Snagglepuss as Michael Cohen is SO funny and spot on!!! That’s said, I’m totally addicted to Michael Cohen’s podcast and all his interviews…

  • John Andersen 1 year ago

    That toe thing reminded me of someone being asked how many fingers does Micky Mouse have? The person replied four. He was technically wrong because the question did not specify just one hand. The answer therefore is eight.

  • Jonathon Bird 1 year ago

    Conan O’Brien is the best in my opinion. Only late show I have ever seen live. It was at SMU Campus when he was banned from tv!

  • leniel dela torre 1 year ago

    if you’re only showing your upper
    half of your body your lower half
    better be wearing pants that’s how Borat got your dad on film

  • Mila Vargas 1 year ago

    Does Giuliani’s son know who trump is?? Bahahaha!!

  • Nadia Voun 1 year ago

    Andrew sat his phone on top of a trash can. No one wanted to hold the phone.

  • Timothy Davis 1 year ago

    You mean CO CONSPIRATOR. You know like the guy who drove the get away car from the Bank robbery. AS GUILTY AS the robber who was actually in the bank. The driver doesn’t get charged for speeding or ignoring traffic signs, he gets charged with the robbery along with the gun wielding criminals inside the Bank.

  • Dorothy Hubbard 1 year ago

    Hey, I have to agree with oj, about, those, pillows.✍️😷


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