Giuliani Peddles $2M Pardons While The President Spends His Final Days In Dubious Company

Published on January 18, 2021

While Rudy Giuliani and others attempt to squeeze a few more dollars from their access to the Oval Office, the president is spending his final days in the company of characters like conspiracy theory fan and pillow magnate, Mike Lindell. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue

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  • daniel job 2 years ago

    Donny just wants to be able to brag that his inaugural crowd was bigger than Biden’s!

  • Susan Feldman 2 years ago

    Who is Stephen Colbert?

  • Warden Riker 2 years ago

    Fake NEWS! Why are Trumpists rummaging through material they can’t read?!

  • paul walker 2 years ago

    We can all be glad Trump has gone….but Biden, with his admin of Wall Street insiders, lobbyists and old Washington faces, will for sure lead the USA to the next Trump. People have to keep the pressure on Biden to not be Joe Biden but to change his methods.

  • Dropdoc 2 years ago

    Biden against guns needs 25 thousand armed men to protect him.

  • George Xabo 2 years ago

    Only you could make the Martin short impressionist funny hahahaha hahahaha great ty

  • Mr Tambourine Man 2 years ago

    Cant wait to see the final episode of ‘America’ tommorow! The rest of the world thanks you all for the entertainment in lockdown and waits with baited breath to see if there will be a next series!

  • Jon LeVitre 2 years ago

    Is it me or does that helmet look like it came from the Dollar Store?

  • JanusAtTheGate 2 years ago

    Will our stupid government decide that all of these obvious militias have are all we need? Take the ridiculous war weapons away from commoners?

  • Lets Go Flying 2 years ago

    They all sell pardons. Even Arnold did it. Google it. It just proves this country is for the wealthy. Regardless of the fight you choose today, the real fight is class warfare.

  • NB B-M 2 years ago

    WoW!!! He actually talks something about something else besides politics!!! There is hope!!

  • Henri Zwols 2 years ago

    0:39 “244 years with a peaceful transition of power”
    Well apart from that one incident when a couple of states wanted to secrete from the Union and the transition of power failed due to some hostilities.

  • Sharon Donovan 2 years ago

    Hi steven….love the show ….to funny…need them LAUGHS…..your band is great john and the guys are good musician’s….the jerk with the horns laying on the couch with PHYCO DOCTOR FUNNY…..STAY SAFE ……..THANKS FOR THE LAUGHS…..

  • superstarjack3 2 years ago

    Greatest and funniest surprise EVER!!!

  • Crow Flight 2 years ago

    Not exactly egg-head home-schooled chickens coming home to roost in the House.


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