Ginni Thomas’s Texts To Meadows Are Full Of B-Movie Quotes And Conspiracy Theories

Published on March 29, 2022

The Jan 6th committee wants to hear from two people who may have committed crimes in their efforts to help the former president overturn Joe Biden’s electoral victory: disgraced attorney John Eastman, and Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. #Colbert #JohnEastman #GinniThomas

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  • kangooroo1 2 years ago

    Dear Stephen,
    You disappointed me a bit, letting G.I. Jane will smith off the hook like that. Please don’t say ”slap”. it was hitting, plain and simple. so what if rock didn’t press charges? the L.A. police should arrest smith for assault. i mean – they’ll find SOME witnesses, right?

  • Dexter Quinn 2 years ago

    Will Smith has been playing the same roll since 1990.

  • Carlos C Lara 2 years ago

    Now it is the time President Niden to pack the Court. You got three 100% Trumpians Judges in the Court.

  • Sideshow Bob 2 years ago

    “Barges off Gitmo” = She doesn’t know much about ships or nautical issues in general. Barges are shallow draft / shallow freeboard craft intended to transport cargo on calm inland waterways (rivers, canals, lakes). They are not at all sea worthy in any sort of ocean / sea. It would be nigh on impossible to tow barges from, say, Mobile, AL (the outlet of the Tenn-Tomm waterway, a rational source of “barges”) to Guantanamo Bay, which is all the way across the Gulf of Mexico then around either the east or west tip of Cuba. They would Shirley be swamped in high seas.

    See, this is what Trumped up Hitler when he wanted to invade Great Britain – no one bothered to tell him the river barges he gathered from France, Belgium, the Netherlands would not be able to cross the channel without sinking 1st.

  • Weapon Plays 2 years ago

    Who the fuck named her? Forrest Gump?

  • jabbermocky 2 years ago

    Now we’ve got trumpsucker trolls screaming that everybody’s text messages to anybody else are private, even if those texts have been subpoenaed because they were used to commit crimes. So stupid. NOBODY has the right to commit crimes via text messaging and then claim they are above the law. NOBODY.

  • Kimberly 2 years ago

    The Kraken is busy these days…NOT being released.

  • Logan Labbe 2 years ago

    Her marriage would be completely illegal if it hadnt been for the damn liberals “ruining” the country.

  • T. Nelson 2 years ago

    Psycho people think they smarter than the average person. Those conservatives live in a make-believer world in theirs heads That why they always breaking the laws. The project who they are on to others.

  • Stupid Google 2 years ago

    She’s a psychopath wed to a rapist, of course it’s a walking joke… until you realize that they are determining our future.

  • John O 2 years ago

    Republicans are smoking the kraken. VOTE BLUE to restore american democracy!!

  • tulio nunez 2 years ago

    Justice and his wife are looney toons

  • CwnSport 2 years ago

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    8,8 Mn abone

  • michellejean11 2 years ago

    Of course the wife of a supreme court justice would think that treason should be tried by the military. What’s the Constitution and ciivil authority to a qanon fascist. I expect that it will eventually be revealed that qanon originated with a Russian psyops team to destabilize the US and it worked beyond their wildest dreams.

  • cmdraftbrn 2 years ago

    next from the ministry of truth yet another lie. stupid proles

  • VGA Port Authority 2 years ago

    This is why we can’t let conservatives have any power what so ever. They are incapable of not cheating. Libertarian trash just thinking about winning at all cost.

  • Alcuin Faul 2 years ago

    *Male Elitism* “National Average”
    1/3 of Heaven will fall. The top 1/3 of the male elite. Yes, my son. The purpose of life is to serve the weak and dumb, as always. And, know that the weak are stuffed with extra genetics and the average is drawn at gender. Some aren’t as kind to the weak or dumb and some stray back and forth at the average through reincarnation or at birth. Some feel competitiveness and wish to climb, only to find they must serve the weak and dumb, thus we roam as wolves stealing bread and taking from life what it offers, anyway. Lucifer is the wolf as are the other demons, Asmodeus, Belial, Astaroth, Belzebuth, even Fluerety, Neiboros, Satanachia, etc. The problem is that after you conquer, they strip you of your genetic strength and you exist only on your perspectives and raw genetics. We exist only for toys and wisdom such as the Anonymous Sage of the Black Pullet but we hast already seen the light. Though some may exist to do harm and, dangerous, yes, they are, we are like a Deviled egg and exist only for enjoyment. Join us!


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