Getting to Know Joe Biden | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on January 17, 2021

Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. Here’s what you need to know. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JoeBiden



  • Karishma H Niazkilam 1 month ago

    Dimple dick got trevah blushing

  • Neil Randecker 1 month ago

    Fake news.LOL everywhere

  • Parvez Aziz 1 month ago

    Where is Traver Noha?

  • Sapphire Squire 1 month ago

    So many repost!

  • Jay Singer 1 month ago

    Can’t wait until he takes office on Wednesday!!!!!!!

    The first real president we will have since Barack Obama.

  • The Mighty Pollito 1 month ago

    Wait is Trevor back into his office?
    Or old clips?

  • Jackie Savage 1 month ago

    Stop all this hate. It would be better if the media would join in the movement to unite the country with Biden rather than keep pushing an agenda that spreads hate. While all this hate ups your ratings, your degrading narrative pushes the agenda of a civil war.

  • giantjungle 1 month ago

    Yay, we can finally make light-hearted jokes and laugh at politicians again, instead of making jokes that were actually just terrifying facts, not laughing, and just feeling impending doom and existential dread!

  • Adrian Lopez 1 month ago

    bruh how do i got here

  • WRNR_MN 1 month ago

    This is stupid

  • Kym Bartley 1 month ago

    I’m so excited and hopeful Thank God we’re going to have a leader in the White House.

  • jason pushmunky 1 month ago

    Trevor Noah. Quit working for comedy central and open your own YouTube channel. This repeat stuff is bs. I’d like to hear what you have to say about the current events. You are literally the only one I follow on YouTube that has literally saud nothing. And that is likely due to how comedy central has you television show formatted by season. Well since the show us about news…should not be season based…I guess its ok if you are ok with it. But seriously…every single TV show host has had something to say except for your show. EVERY SINGLE SHOW! Come on…literally silence from the daily show. I mean that is just bad for business. I know for certain that it is costing you views because people want to see what is happening. That means less money for the program. I just don’t get it. You probably don’t actually care though.

  • el 8370 1 month ago

    Biden was a friend of the father of corruption in mexico….let’s see what he brings to his presidency.

  • Marian Wright 1 month ago

    I love Trevor comedy shows.

  • Gordon Dwyer 1 month ago

    Spent 47 years in office and the only things he achieved was to ship American jobs to China, use his position to enrich himself in Ukraine and China, passing Nafta, criminalising and racially abusing black people, locking children in cages at the border and starting many foreign wars a

  • sanjuansteve 1 month ago

    Biden and the DNC are lesser ¨evil¨ sellouts. #DEMEXIT #StillSandersPlatform

  • Sim 1 month ago

    😂 Dolce is fucking scandalous. And so fucking cute 😍

  • Reebs 1 month ago

    These aren’t just “gaffs”… does it make any sense to tell a person in a wheelchair to stand up!? I don’t think a person who can’t think critically on his feet should be president. Trump wasn’t any better but I promise you Biden isn’t the answer. Kamala is going to replace him any damn ways

  • Duke Lee 1 month ago

    Actually, we in America already know Joe. Yeah, he’s that guy that’s been consistantly corrupt and against the working class for over 40 years. That guy. What’s up with media’s love affair with old corrupt politicians? Its amazing what you’re willing to overlook.

  • Edward Wright 1 month ago

    trump’s don’t fight their own fights they hide and watch it on tv!


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