Getting to Know Joe Biden | The Daily Show



  • Philly4/4 3 years ago

    Uhh Biden is leading in South Carolina… He’s in the toilet everywhere else

  • PasSion Waldon 3 years ago

    Damn she hit the nail on the head explaining the true definition of familiar dick. 👍

  • Sakul 3 years ago

    Sanders For President. Things need to change in this country

  • Diogenes Casares 3 years ago

    ‘Biden is the front runner’, that aged badly

  • Walter Winston ONeil 3 years ago

    BERNIE 2020. The nomination was already stolen from him once, let’s not let it happen again.

  • Michael Thony 3 years ago

    The only thing we need to know about Joe Biden is he cannot beat Trump. The DNC does not take their base seriously like the RNC does. The leftist base will not turn out for people like Biden, Bloomberg, buttigieg, or even Amy klobuchar. If our nominee does not have youthful energy behind them they will not beat Trump. And no, buttigieg does not have youthful energy behind him lol

  • Faisal Amjad 3 years ago

    American politics is the best reality show and trevors show is the CNN of this reality. Love it! I hope Pete wins I used to like Bernie but he needs to stop talking about Medicare all the time and get on to other issues

  • Kitty King 3 years ago

    My thoughts. It does not matter which Democrat is in office if we do not take the Senate and local races. All democrats will be stymied if Mitch McConnell is still in charge of Senate. Stop bashing and register and vote!

  • Elissa Weizman 3 years ago

    Do not promote Biden. He’s sweet. That’s it.

  • Kamiel Moodley 3 years ago

    He still loves smiling, even if the house is berning around him.

  • DatNiggaChance HTX 3 years ago

    Where’s Corn Pop when you need him?

  • RKF1 3 years ago

    Joe has gotta go.

  • Purple Flame Tarot 3 years ago

    He said “I’d love that” just like when asked if he would testify before Congress.. “I’d love that!” Lying both times.

  • Murray Consultant Services LLC 3 years ago

    Oh Trev please pull the cartoon fighting portion to itself 😂 too funny

  • Emily 3 years ago

    Sure he’s 37 and sells drugs on a child’s bike but that’s the dick you know

  • Nathan Thompson 3 years ago

    It’s interesting watching this one alongside the Bernie Sanders Recap and seeing just how bias this stuff was. I remember feeling there was an anti Bernie bias in 2016 but this is blatant. It’s full of “reasons” to support Biden that have nothing to do with policies; his critiques softballed by a comedian or the comedian with a nuclear button. Meanwhile, Bernie’s critiques were put in a setting of being factual, delivered by reporters, even fox news alongside other reputable news outlets juxtaposing them as trustworthy, regardless of how outrageous the attacks have become as their desperation to stop sanders they’re sent into a vapid fever dream that we have to bear witnessto them experiencing. They left out all of the upsetting things that Biden HAS done and would inevitably be used against him and instead still frames him as a frontrunner. I always used to be captivated by the idea that we could rely on comedians to speak truth to power, but ultimately, this is a network show. Trevor Noah’s really compelling discussion on Bloomberg was cut from the actual episode. I’m only saying all this to remind viewers, including myself, to approach this content with a grain of salt; to remember, this is media produced by a bias entity, and that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  • Death Becomes Her 3 years ago

    I had to stop this video twice in the first few seconds it’s painfully awkward. God damn “stand up?!??” Gahhhhhhh

  • Alexander Supertramp 3 years ago

    Biden never should have ran in the first place. He is so hilariously out of touch and the only thing he really ever had going for him was name recognition from being VP for 8 years.

  • Marcel Spencer 3 years ago

    He is a Pedophile but the daily show would never show the truth

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