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  • Amy Walker 3 years ago

    And if Bloomberg won it would be the same thing as he and Bernie are the same age. Biden and Trump aren’t far behind them.

  • Dan Underwood 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is our next president. Please America stop being stupid for once.

  • Kamil Krawczak 3 years ago

    Bernie is not changing because he was always right.

  • ANIL 3 years ago

    Noble ideals. One who truly cares for his people.
    It’s a pity he was betrayed by the American people who chose not to vote for him.

  • joeconsumer 3 years ago

    Warren, a lifelong lying snake.

  • Irene Mous 3 years ago


  • The Joshicles of Joshua 3 years ago

    you can very much tell this segment was edited.

    Trevor Noah, You pulling this dishonest shit. Not cool.

  • Taa Riq TM 3 years ago

    Bernie is 100000 times better than all the candidates in the upcomig election!
    Bernie 2020

  • Max Meggeneder 3 years ago

    I know you need to be funny but the age of heroin users in Turkey has dropped to 9years. By the US opiate epidemic I don’t know if it’s different.
    And the clip where he”called the kid dumb” was taken out of context. If you had shown the whole clip you would have heard that he said” I think your dumb if you don’t go to school”. But you had to cut that part out to make it funny.

  • Kelly Fiona 3 years ago

    he deems to fail because there’s no the soil for socialism and most US citizens don’t learn Marxism

  • God Donut 3 years ago

    Bernie 2020 or Die Trying

  • Stan F 3 years ago

    BERNIE 2020

  • Jaguar Rose 3 years ago

    Bernie “mutha fuckin” Sanders!

  • प्रियदर्शी 3 years ago

    Electing this man as the American president would be better for the whole world. It would at least stop the rampant corpo-conservative authoritarian mob takeover of a lot of countries around this planet which the past American presidents have helped create (directly or indirectly) for decades, by exploiting already worse conditions in most countries.
    And it would also provide a good example for poor 3rd world nations like the one I live in, about why dictatorships are crappy and democracy is better for everyone.
    Hope you guys vote sensibly. 🙂

  • Kuro Tsurugi 3 years ago

    im personally still reeling from the video on Buttigieg in which you (and im guessing your research team) stated “We can’t find any dirt on him, he’s perfect” when anyone paying attention to who is in the race knows about buttigieg and the donor corruption in league with dirty cops leading to the racially charged firing of the first black police chief in southbend and the tapes that buttigieg mysteriously disappeared and wont let anyone hear. Or the connections between his campaign and Iowa App and the ensuing debacle plus exchange of money ending in the firing of Mr. Price. Also on another note, when you guys can get around to it, do a piece on the fact that they wont recount Iowa because corrected math destroys the integrity of the process. Think about that for a second.

  • Sweggin Beggin 3 years ago

    Hyping up a communist dinosaur wow

  • francisco sanchez 3 years ago

    Like Obrador from Mexico they stick to their ideologies, let’s put him in the white house.

  • Cube Earth 3 years ago

    I hope for 2 things: Bernie wins and that more politicians and next generation take up his fight.
    You can’t get a more authentic politician that Bernie.

  • Carlos Panjoj 3 years ago

    We need tray something different. Now it’s time.

  • My Getaway 3 years ago

    i cannot even begin to think about the all positive effects his presidency will have in the future. Defeating the estabilishment will mean unlocking our true potential. He’s the only one that for decades has kept telling us what we’re truly capable of accomplishing and through his influence and power he makes it happen.


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