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  • Marte B 1 month ago

    This is the worst Video of getting to know Andrew Yang, This is way many people don’t trust big american media anymore.

    If you want to ridicule this man ok, but afterwards take your time and let this man explain his points.

    From watching this clip i get the feeling, that he is a Person that uses his run to become famous by using a ridiculous Idea.

    However if you check him out you will notice that he is the opposite of that.
    Go in depth with his policies, he has real solutions to a lot of Problems.
    Its not almost 0% about legalizing weed or stupid Aliens from Area 51.

    Sorry Trevor but this looks like a Plan to make Andrew Yang look like a stupid Person only appealing to uneducated youths.
    I know now why some people said that the last primarys where rigged and why americans sometimes have the feeling the media wants to push out some canditates while heavily supporting others.

    I hope you will have him on again and have a serious conversation with him for once.

    Excuse my bad english, I am from Germany but I wish we had someone like Yang over here.
    He is the solution to bring the right and left together in the US!

  • croissantwynn 1 month ago

    Yang is finally becoming known, all the news about him recently and the celebrity endorsements are really going in his favor. Chapelle being Yang Gang was the most surprising thing I’ve seen in a while

  • Ulitarism 1 month ago


  • Shoua Yang 1 month ago

    Andrew Yang 2020!!!!!!

  • paranoidandroid 1 month ago

    “The problem indicates that our emphasis must be two-fold. We must create full employment or we must create incomes. People must be made consumers by one method or the other […] Once they are placed in this position, we need to be concerned that the potential of the individual is not wasted. New forms of work that enhance the social good will have to be devised for those for whom traditional jobs are not available…” Martin Luther King, Jr. on Freedom Dividence (UBI) #yanggang #yang2020 #berniesanders

  • Noel Augustine 1 month ago

    Chinese iron man

  • American peopl 1 month ago

    Good to know : Assange will testify at the senate audition

  • David Wolf 1 month ago

    yang is way smarter than most of the pols or talkin heads he encounters …

  • ian jackson 1 month ago

    It’s insane how they just come to America and literally succeed. The stereotype is kinda rude but it’s 100% true, have you ever met an Asian that didn’t math well ?

  • Strong Black Panther 1 month ago

    It just proves that “EVERYBODY” wants a “FREE” hand out.

  • Ian Lundholm 1 month ago

    Yang can win. Check him out!

  • jackie fadalla 1 month ago

    yang and Bernie 2020

  • Luke A 1 month ago

    Omg he’s sexy

  • Hacienda Hoyos 1 month ago

    #YangGang ♥️

  • dsleech 1 month ago

    Seriously don’t understand the US people who are skeptical about the 1000 dollars going back to people via VAT. But not noticing the billions of dollars spend on military wasted on Middle East.

  • MsSgrocks 1 month ago

    So far, Yang has my vote.

  • Dyaungo Show 1 month ago

    Where is my #YangGang at ? 150+ policies on his website

  • Gillian L 1 month ago

    Quoting Ronny Chieng, “Asian people get shit done”.

  • scorptarget 1 month ago

    His true identity: Short Round from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom!!! Giving out free money to little Indian kids haha ???

  • Ethan Beer 1 month ago



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