Getting to Know: Amy Coney Barrett

Published on September 30, 2020

Seth reads off a list of facts about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

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  • wiley schmitt 2 years ago

    Sooner or later Trump will refer to her as Amy Bony Carrot.

  • Mark Dubya 2 years ago

    Another batsh*t crazy religious zealot, quelle surprise. America continues is inevitable march towards a religious totalitarian state. y’all know that the Handmaid’s Tale is not a documentary, right?

  • Mai Mariarti 2 years ago

    If there was a God, these psychopaths wouldn’t have existed in the first place.

  • chicken coop 2 years ago


  • Rick Berge 2 years ago

    When will America wake up and understand that trump/Republicans/white Christians, are winning the war on the goodness and sanity of America, solely for money and power? The most disappointing part of that statement is, the spineless, jack-ass, donkey Democrats are allowing this to happen! Since making a deal with the Devil in 1980 and getting Reagan elected and then McConnell elected in 1987, white Christians have been chasing the holy Grail of conservative supreme court justice majority for 40 years. Because we are a republic, not a democracy, the peasants are not allowed to change the presidency that nominates said appointees, only the electoral college has the right to do that, which sadly is made up of all white Christian men, not by coincidence, elected by old white Christian men!

  • Ignacio Brown 2 years ago

    just because she is pointed by trump that doesn’t mean she will be a bad one

  • Mondo Shredder 2 years ago

    Donald is counting on her to bail him out when his cases get appealed to the highest court.
    Shouldn’t happen, but you never know nowadays in the good ol’ U.S. of Fuckin’ A.

  • Mr. & Mrs. D. 2 years ago

    She’s a Christian-Sharia enthusiast.

  • Dennis Dowd 2 years ago

    I understand she is a Catholic, that is one of the largest pedophilia organization in the world. To be part of that organization scares me. Just to balance this statement out I understand Pelosi is also a Catholic. That scares me also.

  • Empress Rising Oracle 2 years ago

    Here are a series of far out there, random images and words that came to me.
    Dolphin. Woods/forest wooden boardwalk to cabin with thick moss covered walls and a pier on the other side into a lake with lily pads and a big red overstuffed recliner chair in the water. River (like the Thames or Seine). Light blue bridge stanchions stretching up into the edge of the atmosphere, blending into a light blue/grey background. One red balloon 🎈 floating along and up in the air, above in a negative space with a cream colored string fluttering behind it. Big Ben. A diamond (exactly like this emoji shape and color 💎). A guard outside the gate at Buckingham palace with the fluffy hat and an arch. Baloney (the meat for a sandwich). Craft (not sure if it’s Kraft cheese or refers to craft/hobby). The mixing of titanium white and a bright red paint on a used pallet being scraped gently with soft ASMR sounds. The real life version of the landscape Van Gogh painted. Green grass in a public garden (Jardin du Luxembourg). Baguette. Pebbles lining a stone path crunching beneath feet under canopy of trees. Love. Hearth (not heart). Bench. Cliffs of Dover. Isle of Mann. Bath. Harp(sichord).?? Or harmony? Lilacs. Grandmother. Grey cat. Cartesian. Alimentary. Colloquy. Fortuna/or For Luna. “Loverly”. Sacred/sacral. Clay sculpture… and refining the delicate nose on a sculpted face with multiple slow and deliberate strokes.

    I hope it means something to you because these are soooooo random!

  • M.T.G 2 years ago

    I bet she regularly attends those ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ orgy parties…

  • Greg M 2 years ago

    Getting to know: Serena Joy Waterford

  • Leonard Knight 2 years ago

    This woman Loves children. 💗
    This woman is a real Good Mother. 💗
    This woman is already Legendary. 💗

  • NDuckL 2 years ago

    I love this Spongebob music <3

  • Coffee Zombie 2 years ago

    We all agree about the only Robocop being from 1987. So not totally insane.

  • Co Co 2 years ago

    Alright I’d go with a yes on her confirmation….CNN should fact check this segment because they’re the most trusted name in news and we need them

  • Stephen Mabry 2 years ago

    Got me on that random Robocop ref. Baravo.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 2 years ago

    I don’t think we need a “Getting to know” segment when we know what she is…

  • paul signac 2 years ago

    Amy Coney Barrett is about one torture rack away from the Spanish Inquisition.
    But don’t worry, I’m sure God’s instructed her exactly how to go about it


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