Gerrymandering, Conservative Comedians, Bobby Kennedy | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 11, 2017

Bill and his guests – Donna Brazile, Michael Moore, Chris Matthews, and Sarah Silverman – answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Tsiresy Domingos 11 months ago

    Conservatives comedians are as rare as conservative university professors. The reason is that it takes a heavy amount of societal awareness and intellectual lucidness to have those two professions, which conservatives objectively do not have.

  • gibby252 11 months ago

    Nic dipaulo is funnier than all these cunts. Donna seems badass tho

  • Dominic Perez 11 months ago

    Wait. There are Conservative Comedians?

  • hud4094 11 months ago


  • Jay-Oh Dub 11 months ago

    Brazile, Go The Fuck Away…Wack Ass Sellout.

  • dt089 11 months ago

    Lol what a dumpster fire cast Maher has on this segment. I would love to see Maher get Ben Shapiro on his show…oh wait that would never happen because Ben would completely destroy Maher and his guests.

  • orvil grunmeier 11 months ago

    Milo is a conservative comedian, and he has often said we could use some more of them. I agree. I don’t think it’s that conservatives aren’t funny, I think it’s that conservatives are not very PC in their humor. It is much easier to be publically supported with a terrible trump impression (Colbert).

    Bill Burr is relatively conservative in his humor, at least in the sense that he isn’t a cookie cutter liberal comic like Colbert, Schumer, Samantha Bee, etc.

  • mary jane 11 months ago

    DUUUUUDE wtf is up with the title… don’t try and not talk about C.K. and then talk about conservative comedians. Why not say Mike Pence?!?! Sarah’s joke was hilarious! Pfft don’t play the stupid diversion game, own it. Louie was one of us, talk about it! Don’t try and bring up the opposite side’s comedian anything in a title when I wanna hear THE REAL SHIT with Bill Maher and drill that man!

  • Christian K 11 months ago

    what the actual fuck is going on, it’s been proven that Brazile was the one passing debate questions to Hillary, she’s part of the problem! look, I appreciate her writing a book and giving insider info (slanted to make herself look good), but that doesn’t absolve her of what she did

  • will 11 months ago

    make america great again…vote blue!

  • MrAsap2000as 11 months ago

    I don’t think what the Kennedy did is anywhere near the same as the recent sex scandal stuff. Yes they were adulterous and there is plenty to say about that but it was consenting and as much her fault as it is his.

  • b1bbs g0t h4nds 11 months ago

    did he seriously bring Donna Brazile on his fucking show? really?

  • Iking Little 11 months ago

    Donna is embarrassment

  • James Lee 11 months ago

    Bill Maher is great. Good show tonight.

  • The Inquisitor 11 months ago

    Anyone still remember Fox News’ attempt to create their own conservative version of the Daily Show?

    Good, because it was absolutely horseshit. Got dropped after only one season.
    (It was called 1/2 hour news hour for those interested.)

  • MrBell Gaming 11 months ago

    Left leaning comedians are getting really lame. And so are these overtimes with Bill consisting of only libtards making each other feel validated. Get Ben Shapiro up there to melt these idiots.

  • Alexia Tr 11 months ago

    Brazil, if you want to help the party, leave

  • Reg Dunn 11 months ago

    Miss Silverman is such a nice person. The VP Pence fantasy is so funny. <3

  • Eric Fartman 11 months ago

    Trump will get re-elected in 2020, trust me! The DNC has proven themselves to be beyond corrupt last elected. If they don’t have major reform right here and now, they will just give Trump’s base more ammo in 2020! Democrats lost last elected because they ran a campaign which said “yes, we’re corrupt. But Look at Trump, isn’t he like the worst?!”. They way it seems right now, it’s like they choose to run the same losing strategy as last time. If they do, Trump will get re-elected!

  • Mimi Keel 11 months ago

    This is all fine and dandy, but is Sarah wearing a lace-front wig?


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