Georgia Will Decide Senate Control & Trump Demands A Recount | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on November 13, 2020

Georgia’s January Senate elections will decide who is the majority party, and Trump demands a hand recount in the state. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #GeorgiaRunoffs

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  • owdens224 2 years ago

    Wat a turd get out the office u orange cheeto

  • MochiSwitzerland 2 years ago

    Thanks Trevor for the reminder that it’s going to suck to live here in Georgia the next two months. They already started.

    The only thing that bothers me about this hand recount is the state Republicans finding a way to cheat. I live in a pretty red county and unless there are watchers watching people here do the recount, they will say no actually there were less Biden votes than their actually was. At least machines aren’t biased. But at least our Secretary of State despite being Republican seems honest. At least he’s not Kemp.

  • JORDAN 2 years ago

    I got so much mail before the election here…now they are about to go into super overload.

  • John Simpson 2 years ago

    Can the electoral votes have Trevor remove that busted wig?

  • Matt Darwin 2 years ago

    Trump will win. Laugh at me now. But I’ll be back to this comment on Inauguration Day. And I’ll get the last laugh. Along with President Trump. 😏 #MAGA2020

  • PriNcE TJ 2 years ago

    Crazily enough …..NASA actually does double check calculations by hand

  • RickOShay 2 years ago

    If you elect a sociopath as president dont be surprised when you get a dictator.

  • Midnightcr3w247 2 years ago

    Just think how many lives could have been saved if Republicans put as much effort into fighting COVID as they have put into fighting nonexistent voter fraud.

  • Criselda Turner 2 years ago

    Yesss! He’s defeated twice!!

  • Danl Hendle 2 years ago

    Just put the balance to a money counter and see what happens. Could work

  • Yod Hey 2 years ago

    Republicans are represented by an elephant, an elephant

  • Samantha 2 years ago

    Ofcourse Thrump still cannot win, nor flip his position in Georgia. But, if there are more votes counted even if it is just a small percentage, he is going to use to vouch for a re-election at court or something in that trend.

  • Bapi 2 years ago

    Why do they entertain this moron and his minions? 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Sylvester Uchia 2 years ago

    4:13 , there is no “but even” there is no “what if” . He lost by too many votes in goergia ❎ . It’s just over . Three is no coming back from 14 000 votes.

    This will jus serve to extend the margin Biden won by.

  • Shiv Verma 2 years ago

    i saw that “joe obama” joke

  • Richard Zhang 2 years ago


  • aira nabiha 2 years ago

    Am i the only one who thinks it will be hilarious if by recounting the votes, instead of the margin of joe biden votes 14k decreases it increases??😂😂
    Okay just me.

  • Aman 2 years ago

    Just give up Trump

  • Levin Soh 2 years ago

    Republicrat and Democans.

  • One 2 years ago

    Department of Homeland Security calls election “the most secure in American history”


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