George Stephanopoulos’ Alec Baldwin Rust Interview Was Intense

Published on December 9, 2021

George Stephanopoulos talks about his emotional interview with Alec Baldwin after the fatal Rust accident, interviewing Christopher Steele about the Steele dossier and his wife pulling an April Fools prank.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Julie 2 years ago

    I’ve felt the day this tragedy happened there’s a Trumpster/Trumpsters with a massive payback towards Alec for playing Trump on SNL over the years. I just can’t shift my gut it’s all a hidden agenda to take Alec down. Time will Tell but I’m pretty sure Alec is innocent.

  • alyssa young 2 years ago

    are you tarded? he is an ACTOR

  • Michael French 2 years ago

    Just a thought, but maybe rich people should take all that money they’re going to use shooting themselves into space and further polluting the atmosphere and instead put it towards fighting homelessness and hunger. You know do something good for the world instead of for yourself. There should be a law That makes it illegal for non-government entities to go into space. Like you have to volunteer and be in the military and then you can go into space you know like it’s always been. Instead of just being some rich guy that thinks he’s so important that everybody’s going to want to watch him fly into space.

  • ꧁༺Galactus༻꧂ 2 years ago

    Stephen, Jack Stephen.

  • Oh Billy 2 years ago


  • ꧁༺Galactus༻꧂ 2 years ago

    Baldwin is a liar.

  • a2zme 2 years ago

    Garbage in .. Garbage out ..
    ps: Stephanopoulos is NOT a fkn journalist.


  • Michaela Seah 2 years ago

    Whyd I think that was mr Rogers

  • Catherine Johnson 2 years ago

    It would be better if Alec and his dippy wife would stop flaunting themselves on social media with their wealth. Tearing up for one interview doesn’t cut it

  • Jason 2 years ago

    Intense? All you do is ask softball questions you so call democrat journalist. Pathetic

  • mark nugent 2 years ago

    The parts of the dossier that haven’t been proven, could that be to do with the Mueller report’s scope being narrowed so much rather than it not being true?

    Aspects of finance couldn’t be followed and that is a major avenue for a RICO cases’ collection of evidence.

    My understanding is that the dossier while not being totally corroborated none of it has been disproven.

    Maybe more, unrestricted by narrow scope, digging is needed?

  • PureBlood 2 years ago

    The interview was highly edited to protect him..George is complicit as is MSM (inc. Seth)…why did Alec delete his Twitter Acct. after his info was found in Epstein’s little black book? Why was he on the flight logs on the “Lolita Express”? How was little St. James Alec? If you still support these people, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror…WAKE UP PPL!

  • Crazy Wayne 2 years ago

    Louisiana is flooding due to Alex Baldwin’s alligator tears.
    Alex’s real plan is to put the blame on the gun so the insurance company will pay out.
    Anyone who’s ever used a single action revolver knows that Alex Baldwin is more full of it than every sewage treatment plant on the planet.
    Steph how dare you let George Alex’s friend even on your show after this free rehearsed yellow journalism crocodile tear tweaky defense bs..

  • Walt Lyma 2 years ago

    The metal gymnastics that Baldwin needed to ”preform” Just so he can denie his culpability…
    Said if he thought he had pulled the trigger he would need kill himself…
    So, he concocts a lie, to hide the fact, that it is mechanically not possible that he did not pull the trigger.
    Intense, yeah… that’s one word…

  • Manuel Granja 2 years ago

    That was not an Interview, that was a BALDWIN monologue. He wasnt asked some important questions like:
    ” So you say before that police told you that you cant talk about the case, and now you can, why? ”
    So the director was shot in the shoulder and he screamed, but no one in the set suspect Hylina was shot? You are confirmein that everyone was thinking that he just faint?
    What if the Real Bullets were enter to the set by accident? For example someone that wanted to fire guns outside fur fun. Do you think he is responsible of the death and not the person who shot the weapon withou following GUN SAfety Rules?
    What do you think of the gun safety rules that experts say you didnt follow?


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