George Santos’ New Wingman, Trump Pleads the 5th & Drag Queen Story Time with Marjorie Taylor Greene

Published on February 2, 2023

Guillermo makes his triumphant return to the show after being out the last few days with COVID, thousands gathered for a crazy time in Gobbler’s Knob to see Punxsutawney Phil for Groundhog Day, George Santos has a fascinating new wingman, Marjorie Taylor Greene is hard at work serving America by tackling the issues that matter most, North Korea is back to making threats, we have a new Trump tape where he’s repeatedly pleading the 5th, Girl Scout cookie season is under way and they are doing a lot of online advertising, Netflix is cracking down on password sharing, a woman in Texas has a very unusual situation to deal with at her house, and we went out on Hollywood Blvd to ask “Can You Spell February?”

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  • Cheryl McNutt 8 months ago

    Ground Hog Day is cruel and terrifying to ground hogs!

  • andrew hanson 8 months ago

    Hello my name is Mr Strump… -ya that’s the ticket! AND I COME FROM SOMEPLACE FAR AWAY!

  • Matt Parsons 8 months ago

    The groundhog is backwards. Seeing his shadow is a good thing. That means the nimbus clouds that dominate the winter are moving out, there’s more lift, and the atmosphere can sustain more cumulus clouds that dominate the spring and make it rain for 3 months straight. If he doesn’t see his shadow that means more nimbus clouds and more winter. You want him to see his shadow, that means there’s sun. This is why he only has a 30-35% success rate.

  • morning Glory 8 months ago

    Thank you, Jimmy loved the Trump interview lol

  • Willie Jones 8 months ago

    What about Clinton & Hunter Biden emails???

  • Charles Johnson 8 months ago

    MTG is such an insufferable twitt!!!

  • Ronald Toran 8 months ago

    No Jimmy, the strip club is not called Gobblers Nob it’s called Nob Gobblers. Get it straight man.

  • Joe Mug 8 months ago

    I love jimmy Kimmel! Smart and funny, and good looking.

  • mxylpx 8 months ago

    Whaaat morons? No wonder we’ve got Trump!

  • Cristian Rodriguez 8 months ago

    What up Guillermo

  • Erik Truedson 8 months ago

    Shut up and Dance with me is not One Direction

  • seraphonica 8 months ago

    they have no-shave november, maybe to reinforce the spelling Jimmy should do new brew february

  • Patient86 8 months ago

    Trump could learn a thing or two from G Santos.

  • shadowlesswarrior 8 months ago

    George Santos has more baggage than an airport in holiday season

  • 8 months ago

    not the whitest thing, they are dancing like masai oh but I guess that is appropiation so….

  • J. D. 8 months ago

    Apparently It’s about Whiskey more than Phil.


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