George Clooney Pretends To Talk To Santa Outside His Children’s Room To Get Them To Behave

Published on December 19, 2020

George Clooney is using his remarkably good Santa Claus impression to help keep his young kids in line this holiday season. George directs and stars in the new Netflix film, “The Midnight Sky.” #Colbert #TheMidnightSky #GeorgeClooney

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  • Alison Diaz 2 months ago

    I remember when my daughter turned three, my Nanny told me that it’s called, “the trying threes.” I said why? Ans she replied, “Because they try and try you until you want to beat the crap outta them.” Now this was back in the mid 80s. So please remember the times were different then. I didn’t beat my child.

  • He is Mi and I am Yu 2 months ago

    Yeah, lying to your kids. Best way to raise your kids.

  • disney fan 2 months ago

    I love this show

  • FLD 2 months ago

    Should have checked uk rules before he flew

  • Super Woman 2 months ago

    Welcome to rising multinational kids, Mr. Clooney… We decided to celebrate all and live in a Babel of languages at the end. My kids are teen and they seem so far as OK as teenagers go.

  • Cheryl Sibson 2 months ago

    So, when you and Amel became parents, they already had internationally known parents so didn’t Santa travel with you to international courts where Santa is legal, well they did make a movie Miracle on 34th Street back in 1947 with Susan Doris (Maureen O’Hara) begs Mr. Kringle (Edmund Gwenn) to tell her daughter (Natalie Wood) that Santa doesn’t exist, but he cannot tell a lie, Santa is in the hearts of people around the world besides by 2030 their friends will correct them between the difference between a boot and a trunk or the case of Santa or not.

  • Richard Padget 2 months ago

    I wish George Clooney and his wife would go to Iran and never been heard from again

  • Stevo 2 months ago

    As a father of a three yr old I can’t appreciate the terminator sentiment.

  • Paul Davis-Cooke 2 months ago

    OK people, I have to step in here. First of all, Father Christmas and Santa are the same person, the one and only. Second, how wonderful to learn that George Clooney’s kids speak proper English. We made a mistake when we let you have your freedom. Modern parenting and all that. But look what you’ve done with it. If you say your sorry,, like you mean it, we will let you come back. But, you have to promise to be good. No more playing with the bad kid down the street, no more tantrums and no more pretending you’re better than everyone else, when you don’t really know much about the world outside your bedroom.
    Merry Christmas to all my American friends, I hope 2021 brings you safety and joy.

  • sealyoness 2 months ago

    That is hilariously manipulative! Oh George… lol

  • Raymond Hoogesteger 2 months ago

    I hear some similarities with the voice of Santa and the voice of God in the Colbert show. 😀

  • Claire S 2 months ago

    George is too funny!!

  • Debbie Nesbitt 2 months ago

    I wanna see his kids !!!!! How come he doesn’t show them more often

  • Eric Wang 2 months ago

    The reason guests don’t come to your show as often as you wish is that you keep interrupting them. Kimmel doesn’t interrupt people and he makes his guests think they’re funnier than they really are.

  • Patrick Shane 2 months ago

    Lol this s great

  • sanjuansteve 2 months ago

    It´s disgusting how much people lie to their kids in the ¨spirit of xmas¨…

  • Mat Light 2 months ago

    Sounds a lot like the late show god

  • deanasplund123 2 months ago

    You forgot to tell your kids don’t eat Christmas puddin’.


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