George Clooney Extended Interview

Published on September 9, 2015

George talks about his work on behalf of Darfur and finds out how his Batman costume inspired Stephen.

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  • Renz Dimaandal 5 years ago

    The king is back

  • FuzzyFuzzy871 5 years ago

    Colbert is back in action.

  • WhereMyKeys 5 years ago

    Damn. Why the dislikes?

  • FrostyFlameTV 5 years ago

    Counting the days till Bernie Sanders is on

  • Superior Nightwing 5 years ago

    His wife sounds amazing

  • Norman Grubb 5 years ago

    Man, why is clooney so boring?

  • Francisco Hernandez 5 years ago

    Love the videos! Keep ’em coming!

  • Vexed Films 5 years ago

    Some people think Clooney is Mr. Showbiz, I think they have only seen him
    in the Ocean’s films and glossy mags, because that’s not who he is.

  • marsajib 5 years ago

    whats with all the down votes

  • lirothen 5 years ago

    Why not available in Canada? :(

  • keen 5 years ago

    Why all the haters??

  • Dylan Conroy 5 years ago

    They should have included this full interview on the TV show. Much more
    interesting and flowing!

  • dacolts89 5 years ago

    This was a good interview wtf people why the hell are there dislikes

  • A D 5 years ago

    Wow. Really boring. Is it 2005?

  • ThisMightBeMe 5 years ago

    So excited for this. I love Colbert and Cooney (and Amal is such a role

  • Al Iasb Waled 5 years ago

    just to make things clear, all those dislikes are because the video is made
    available only in the USA which sucks. i have to use a proxy.

  • Leo Liu 5 years ago

    oh my goodness.

  • Annyong Rings 5 years ago

    Colbert is great and all but I can’t help but think he’s too sarcastic for
    mainstream late night. George was talking about someone getting stabbed in
    the head and Colbert was ready for his next joke

  • iHaveBola 5 years ago

    This guy sounds like BuzZ Light year/.

  • Christina Blomquist 5 years ago

    Would’ve rather had this aired to be honest.. But don’t get me wrong,
    everything from the show was fantastic

  • NCISfreak123 5 years ago

    I thought the interview changed abruptly after they talked about Darfur. My
    word! This interview is great! Can’t believe they cut this for that silly
    bit with the fake movie. Please read this Stephen and let stuff like this
    be on your show during its live showing. Craig Ferguson was known for doing
    it, and you can too!

  • Regal Ace 5 years ago

    HAHA, I thought of him in Batman and Robin too. Never understood the
    nipples, must have been a schumacher thing. Do bats have nipples? They
    must. Odd thinking of suckling bat babies, those things have fangs usually

  • onjoFilms 5 years ago

    This is terrible. This is not going to work out well. Greats like David
    Letterman did this stuff and he was ‘tired of chasing scraps’. That means
    people were watching people like Jon Stewart and ‘the old Steven Colbert’.
    Yes, they new generation like the short skits and segments and short
    interviews. This long talk stuff with the same tired Hollywood types
    ‘everyone’ is doing is so yesterday. You fucked up Stephen. You had a great
    show and took two steps back.

  • luckyjasonfan 5 years ago

    Wow, Amal won’t let him go with her. 🙁 Maybe because she is doing
    something Important and doesn’t want TMZ etc on her ass! Go Clooney!!

  • Claudia Guevara 5 years ago

    This may be the Pinot talking, but Hi Colbert!

  • J.R. Reyes 5 years ago

    What up with all the dislikes.

  • Jacob Overton 5 years ago


  • Adrian Kingwell 5 years ago

    Man – what an interesting interview! That should have been put to air.

  • Andrew Martinez 5 years ago

    Close your eyes. Clooney sounds just like Johnny Knoxville!

  • Dwi Aprilia 5 years ago

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