Generation Fights: Housing Edition with Stephen Colbert and Eliana Kwartler

Published on April 14, 2022

Who has it worse when it comes to the housing market? We find out on this episode of “Generation Fights,” with Stephen Colbert representing Baby Boomers and Late Show writer Eliana Kwartler representing Millennials. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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  • Fingolfin 2 years ago

    Millennials are all grown adults but are portrayed as innocent, young kids on TV, press, and media.

  • BdR76 2 years ago

    Staff: Can I have a raise?
    Stephen: No, but if you do a comedy bit with me on the show I’ll give you exposure

  • J Newcomb 2 years ago

    I’m curious about the Boomers with their heads in the sand. My parents are WELL aware of how much harder it was for my brother to find a home he could afford (on a decent salary, even), how much more it was for me to go to college because I chose one in a big city. Hell, even when my parents bought their retirement home years ago, it cost more than all the previous homes they had ever purchased COMBINED. My parents were raised by people who lived through the Great Depression. My brother and I have some damn similar stories to their parents. It should be clear who’s 20s-40s were harder.

  • PeanutButter Dragon 2 years ago

    She’s an adorable little stinker

  • teresa tall 2 years ago

    The thumbnail appears as though she is about to Knight Sir Colbert with a gay lightsaber. Perfection.

  • Lawrence Iverson 2 years ago

    I was born in 1950. We are the luckiest generation ever born. (assuming you were born in North America or Europe) We had Free Love : Lotsa jobs ;Lotsa $$ Most of my life I worked 6 mo/yr and made more than my kids do now in 12 mo. Land and houses were cheap I bought 50 acre on a little island near Vancouver for 50 Gs in ’77 In 1970 my dad got an acre of lakefront 30 mi from Whistler from the gov’t for nothing Homestead act was still in force build a cabin on it and pay 500 a year for 10 years !!! Life was so good from 1950 to 90 My kids get mad at me for talking about it!!

  • Liqtor 2 years ago

    No one fights GenX because we are so fucking awesome.

  • Suzette Henderson 2 years ago

    As a Gen X, thanks for that.

  • david - slayer 2 years ago

    my gen is way more generous. we support others on twitch. (even republican friends donate to ppl they don’t agree with politically).

  • ChairmanMaose 2 years ago

    Maybe if GenX wasn’t so ineffectual and made some effort to make something better, someone would care about them?

  • Gmail Account 2 years ago

    This bit blew hard

  • Tristy Evely 2 years ago

    I like Seth Meyers version of that bit better.

  • Alika Andrade 2 years ago

    Lame crowd lol

  • Pete Dog 2 years ago

    I am GenX and the child of Boomers, so I can concur. Boomers are the root of the problem. They went from peace, love, and understanding in their youths to what does my stock portfolio look like in 25 years. That was GenX’s model for behavior.

  • Andrew Husbands 2 years ago

    Yeah I’m probably going to end up homeless just for the fact that I don’t agree with every single inch of my parents’ lifestyle and so they’re starving me out, guess that’s Roman peace for you


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