Gene Editing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on July 2, 2018

Scientists are developing new ways to alter the genetic code of living organisms. John Oliver explores the risks, rewards, and wolf-related hazards of gene editing.

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  • jckix 1 year ago

    Oh boy 2:30am

  • ekaiLo 1 year ago

    Here we go again, squad.

  • KAUSHIK BANERJEE 1 year ago

    duhh… again missed… i would need a supercomputer to be the first one to comment/like… ???

  • otakon17 1 year ago

    Gimme dem sweet sweet spider powers.
    On a serious note, what is wrong with using gene editing to eliminate hereditary conditions that are terminal for us? EVERY tool can be used to create or destroy in the history of humanity, we have to have the moral fortitude and evenhandedness to use it responsibly.

  • In The Mind of Kibara 1 year ago

    Apparently Rampage is an actual movie.
    Okay then.

  • Jesse Torres 1 year ago

    I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again: John Oliver makes videos over topics that seem boring or uninteresting at first, but later seem important for us to know and motivate us to do something about the issue!

  • cyrillic 1 year ago

    I would say first but I’m dignified

  • Elexess Ashley 1 year ago

    Why Jon I have work in 4 hours now I’m in deep thought

  • StealthMaster86 1 year ago

    Jurassic Park: Cloning isn’t great
    Jurassic World: Gene Editing isn’t Great.

    Joking aside, there was a movie all about this that came out in 97. Gattaca.

  • Reginald Regency 1 year ago

    Rampage is based on the old school video game, While Wolf Blitzer would have been funny or whatevs, it wouldnt be right.

  • hmm yes interesting. 1 year ago

    Designer Life boutta be so expensive.

  • AlternateHistoryHub 1 year ago

    Genes should be edited so we can be tall enough to punch giraffes. Retribution can begin

  • Barfing Chicken Studios 1 year ago

    Hitler would be love to have this on his hands.

  • comets & blueberries 1 year ago

    9 crispy rectums disliked this

  • Kristina V. 1 year ago

    Was gonna sleep, but nah.

  • TechGoggles 1 year ago

    If you can edit out racism, religion n god, India will be awesome n safe!
    I bet in modi’s (PM) next speech he’s gonna claim we did it first 10000 years ago (Gene Editing)

  • Kristina V. 1 year ago

    beefcake beagles

  • Nope why 1 year ago

    I love this neutral approach with well based research.

  • PowahSlap Entertainmint 1 year ago

    I thought jean editing was when you used scissors to turn your jeans into jorts.

  • duchesswannabe 1 year ago

    Every time I watch LWT somehow I get depressed but at the same time I feel better. weird…


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