Gen. Milley Embarrasses Matt Gaetz; Rudy Giuliani Loses Law License: A Closer Look

Published on June 24, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump supposedly distancing themselves from Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s New York law license getting suspended.

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  • Jubei Kibagami 11 months ago

    I loose it each time he says “Da Bears”. I love it. mouhahahahaha.

  • john giglio 11 months ago

    Milley embarrassed himself. He should be charged with Treason. Seth your Bias is only overshadowed by your Ignorance. Your opinions have ZERO facts!

  • Ned TLSanThree 11 months ago

    Gawd….Ted Cruz???? That POS?

  • Ava Masquerade 11 months ago

    Someone needs to be duct taped to a chair during an adults only bachelor party, thrown in a pantry, be forgotten about entirely, and not be rediscovered for a week in order to develop an unrelenting twitch that they have to hyperfocus on correcting in therapy so much that they finally stfu.
    Operative term; *adults only,* therefore, not sure how realistic this scenario is…

  • Edward Meer 11 months ago

    Ted Cruz is cuban. He’s not even white.

  • Daniel Stewart 11 months ago

    I was here for Seth’s Samantha impression, LMFAO! “my first rule of safe sex, make sure you have a padded headboard”

  • ultraguy0 11 months ago

    Can someone explain the signed into law graphic? The red and gray mean the same thing so I’m confused.

  • grannypantsification 11 months ago

    CNN tried to make it sound like Ivanka and Jerrod aren’t evil pos. Wonder what their agenda is?

  • booker dooley 11 months ago

    This voter stuff is not a joke the Republican that Now controls whose votes will be counted and whose votes will not be counted it’s as simple as what town are they from okay their votes don’t get counted that’s what these laws just allowed these Republicans to do and you say people are woke okay try again 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Leigh Colby Greenwald 11 months ago

    What am I going to watch for the next 2weeks???

  • Edward Ned Harvey 11 months ago

    Can I somehow give this more than one thumbs up? 😁

  • Judith Bradford 11 months ago

    Giuliani wasn’t practicing law anyway, so the only practical difference will be that he can’t use “attorney client privilege” as an excuse for lying going forward. Obviously, he’s angry that yelling “F’ck YOU!” isn’t working anymore as a legitimizing tactic.

  • robert 11 months ago

    persmen? The slips are getting too obvious. I miss when corrections was organic.

  • Albert Wild 11 months ago

    that really is Trmps love child

  • Noe Ramirez 11 months ago

    I think Seth is losing it. How much more outrageous can he get?

  • Sagittarius_A* 11 months ago

    Is this for Corrections? At 1:35 the graph from MSNBC says orange states “bill passed and signed into law” and says grey states “bill passed and signed into law” am I seeing that wrong? Or did they mislabel on of the color keys? It’s not a Late Nite mistake, it’s MSNBC, but stil… it’s about being pedantic.

  • Ken Okoye 11 months ago

    That dude’s name is Henry Bemis. That episode of the Twilight Zone has haunted my dreams ever since it was screened for our 7th grade reading classes in like 2002.

  • Andrew Boldt 11 months ago

    *Seth mentions the Wilmington Coup*

    Me: Hey Ma! We’re on TV!

  • #ANONYMOUSTOO 11 months ago

    Milley for treason


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