Gen. Mark Milley Feared Trump Would Incite a Coup

Published on July 16, 2021

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, July 15.

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  • Bas Tiaan 12 months ago

    It’s almost time for Corrections!

  • Da Hawk 12 months ago

    *_“Quick, get me a typewriter!”_*


  • Linda Noveroske-Tritten 12 months ago

    Oh Hai Seth!

  • NOAH R 12 months ago


  • black bird 12 months ago

    Gen. Milley and EVERY other person in tRump’s orbit dropped the ball. EVERY SINGLE ONE. They ALL had multiple opportunities and ways to sound the alarm.
    Waiting to cash in on a book deal is dereliction of duty sir.

  • Orwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse 12 months ago

    It’s like Gaetz doesn’t get that he’s the bad guy.

  • SyzygyNoon 12 months ago

    I was featured in a Seth monologue! Also, I identify as a raccoon.

  • TWSTF 8 12 months ago

    It’s kinda disappointing, I really love Seth Meyers, but he has seriously got to consider hiring some new writers. I have only thought one of his jokes in the past week, during his monologues or “A Closer Look” segments was funny.

    And I have a pretty healthy sense of humor, I’ll laugh at pretty much any joke lol no matter how juvenile or silly.

    It’s just supposed to be a comedy show, and the comedy simply isn’t even funny enough to make someone crack a smile, let alone laugh, for whatever reason.

    I don’t know, I keep watching anyway though, hoping for that occasional “zinger,” all the same. 😇✌

  • Sylvia Gitau 12 months ago

    Who is Olivia Rodriguez, apparently I’m old.

  • Janelle 12 months ago

    People never stop amazing me.

  • Crybaby Magalosers 12 months ago

    My shirt reads “don’t use Florida’s building codes on my home!”

  • New Message 12 months ago

    Gaetz is looking more and more like a disgraced televangelist every time I see him….

  • Anti Hypocrisy 12 months ago

    Dems are acting like fascists. Coup is warranted when freedoms are threatened.

  • うさぎ 花守 12 months ago

    miller is a corrupt gen., and he doesn’t follow the constitution , heard that he had a case (sexual harassment) thats why Robert would step down

  • 11cabadger 12 months ago

    I loved Clippy! But why they gotta make him a eunuch? Poor little fella just wanted to help make letter writing more fun 😔

  • Michael Scarlino 12 months ago

    HOWEVER, drug abusers with respiratory problems, low hygiene, homelessness, sharing paraphernalia, amongst the lowest affected, all extremely strange……

  • Tony Huff 12 months ago

    milley has a lot of making up to do, his lafayette park stroll in fatigues green lit the rube militias, along with trump’s moron army

  • Patricia Hayes 12 months ago

    “Don’t Fauci My Florida”? That sounds a bit sexually suggestive, like “Don’t Fauci My Fanny”. 😛

  • Disinterested Observer 12 months ago

    Of course Matt Gaetz gets most worked up about girls in their thirteens rather than in their thirties, doesn’t he? :-/

  • Richard Moore 12 months ago

    Ron DeSantis: Make New York the third most populous state again. Greg Abbott: Make New York the second most populous state again.


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