Geena Davis Says There’s Been Zero Progress in Female Representation in Media

Published on August 6, 2019

Geena Davis talks about starting a research institute to study gender in media and getting involved in the documentary This Changes Everything, and she dispels the notion that women have been gaining representation in media.

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  • Jonglei Chol 11 months ago

    Who clicked fast ash ??

    I’m subscribing to my next 10 subscribers.

  • LwMark 561 11 months ago

    Sounds like a man

  • New Frontier 11 months ago

    Zero progress.. really?? Which dimension you came from huh?

  • Xela Flow 11 months ago


  • Amal Nasser 11 months ago

    Zero? I think we need more dynamical characters but get over yourself

  • JadeReloaded 11 months ago

    Geena Davis: I made an entire institution to get the data that there is no progress.
    YouTube comments: She’s wrong because I can think of not one but two specific movies with strong female lead.

  • Mark Callaghan 11 months ago

    I want to see the data she speaks of

  • Robin Varghese 11 months ago

    She’s a smart lady. She’s part of mensa .

  • Paso79 11 months ago

    Geena Davis really should cut down on plastic surgery and botax. She does NOT look like the Geena Davis from movies. She looks weird.

  • habbogigi 11 months ago

    Geena Davis has a whole research institute to study and research all of this, but just watch trolls say she’s delusional…

  • X X 11 months ago

    in the 1930’s and 40’s , ( which was the golden age of Hollywood ) , the major movies , the ‘ A list ‘ movies were almost all ‘ women’s pictures ‘ or what’s now called ‘ chick flicks ‘ and unfortunately in most of these great movies the male roles were nothing more than background players ! SO GROW UP , AND GET A MORE IMPRESSIVE FRAME OF REFERENCE !!

  • R S 11 months ago

    I loooooove her!

  • High Heel Knight 11 months ago

    I have had a wonderfully long crush on Genna. That giant smile… ?…


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