Gayle King Opens Up About Putting Breonna Taylor on the Cover of O Magazine

Published on August 20, 2020

Gayle King talks about Oprah taking quarantine very seriously, putting Breonna Taylor on the cover of O Magazine and why she loves live radio.

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  • Christen Ford 2 months ago

    Whoever says this is exploitation is missing the point. She is on the cover of O magazine, reaching millions of people that may not be familiar with her story. Let’s not nitpick.

  • Splodin 2 months ago

    What happened the night of Taylor’s shooting?
    Kenneth Walker fired a weapon through a closed door as officers entered Breanna Taylor’s apartment.
    Police have said his bullet struck Officer Mattingly in the leg, requiring surgery. Mattingly and officers Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove returned fire, expending more than 20 rounds.
    Police acknowledge using a battering ram, but only after they said they identified themselves.
    Why did police have a ‘no-knock’ warrant?
    “detectives knocked multiple times and announced their presence in an
    attempt to get occupants to answer the door” before forcing it open. ”
    Taylor was not the main subject of the narcotics investigation that prompted LMPD officers to enter her home, records show, but they did have a search warrant for her and her apartment because…
    police’s evidence that one of the narcotics investigation’s main suspects, Jamarcus Glover, used her home to receive mail, keep drugs or stash money earned from the sale of drugs.

  • Gary S. Seth 2 months ago

    Sadly , it’s too late for Breonna … But there are many more that are out there needing our concern .
    ( Safe and Sound by Sheryl Crow ) Maybe this is forever
    Forever fades away
    Like a rocket ascending into space
    Could you not be sad
    Could you not break down
    After all I won’t let go
    Until you’re safe and sound
    Until you’re safe and sound
    There’s beauty in release
    There’s no one left to please
    But you and me
    I don’t blame you for quitting
    I know you really try
    If only you could hang on through the night
    I don’t want to be lonely
    I don’t want to be scared
    And all our friends are waiting there
    Until you’re safe and sound
    Until you’re safe and sound
    There’s beauty in release
    There’s no one left to please
    But you and me
    Feel like I could’ve held on
    Feel like I could’ve let go
    Feel like I could’ve helped you
    Feel like I could’ve changed you
    Feel like I could’ve held you
    Feel like I could’ve hurt you

  • Wake Up 2 months ago

    This woman is delusional and extremely out of touch with reality.

  • Quantumese Boy 2 months ago

    Put security cams and find the bloody vandals.

  • Silky Johnson 2 months ago

    “I’m Gayle King and l work for/❤ Oprah’s buttermilk biscuits”

  • Kevin Strom 2 months ago

    We’re at a point where you’re interviewing Oparh’s lapdog?

    Really? There’s no one else you can talk to?

  • P 2 months ago

    How can anyone be surprised that someone was injured and/or killed during the execution of a no-knock warrant? ANY 2nd Amendment nutjob would claim it was their goddamn Constitutional right to stand their ground and open fire on what they perceived to be a home invasion . . . and the 2nd Amendment nutjob would be CORRECT!

    But by all means, America should keep fighting the War on Drugs with violent law enforcement tactics. Because that’s obviously worked miracles over the past century. I swear by now we must be THIS CLOSE 👌 to finally killing every single American who uses drugs. Just a few more to go, right?

  • Lethgar Smith 2 months ago

    So, Gail king explains how everybody lives in fear of Oprah except for one young editor who had the temerity to suggest the very idea that Oprah not appear on the cover of her own magazine.
    We really need to do away with rich people.

  • New Message 2 months ago

    I just had a mental image of TrumpThumpers wearing vet cones in protest of mask requirements. That’ll keep me goin’ allll day.

  • E. Youngstrom 2 months ago

    Gayle sucks!

  • Skeletorrential Downpour 2 months ago

    so today i learned that oprah is a momfriend
    i am not at all surprised, tho

  • Walter K Bauer 2 months ago

    When you, the Dog, and the”boyfriend” aren’t wanted up at the Big House any more.
    What are those two slots for in you cone?
    I you know, Seth.
    O’s thighs!

  • Music enlightened 2 months ago

    We ain’t forget about Kobe -_-

  • Suzanne Snow 2 months ago

    I’m so sick of the hate, division and racism. Justice for Breonna.

  • Olafolafsen78 2 months ago

    protests are still happening, the moment isn’t over. Don’t let it pass

  • Star Gazer 2 months ago


  • Gerb McNuggets 2 months ago

    2:07 Something tells me Oprah Winfrey had the vet “disappeared” after she identified him as a possible virus carrier. The mighty O watches all on a giant monitor.

  • TSK ZA 2 months ago

    Gayle would probably kill an Oprah impression


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