Gayle King Is All For Taylor Swift’s Political Stand

Published on October 26, 2018

‘CBS This Morning’ host Gayle King was surprised to see Taylor Swift take a political stand, one that she believes carried a lot of weight.

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  • Xeno Phon 2 years ago

    Politics has no place in a civilized society.

  • mike 778 2 years ago


  • The Reality Of Life 2 years ago


  • Matthew Snider 2 years ago

    That’s just the thing—with this loathsome and disastrous “Presidency,” you have to be informed and involved. I’ve long criticized the idea of enclosing yourself in a bubble and saying you’re “apolitical” (which really means, “I’m lucky enough that most politics don’t directly affect me”), but the notion that artists, athletes, and other celebrities should just “mind their own business” or “shut up and dribble” while the White House and Executive branch are destroying alliances, cozying up to dictators, and betraying all standards of transparency and honesty is ridiculous.

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  • Don Townsend 2 years ago

    After being a life- long Democrat, since Carter ,I’ll be voting Republican for ever for several reasons such as the disproportionate proliferation of HOMOSEXUAL TV programs and movies and the GUN GRAB ATTEMPTS by the Democrat Party. But , these next reasons really burn me up ! Recently, an openly HOMOSEXUAL teacher in EFLAND , N.C. recently read the book,” KING AND KING “, TO HIS 3RD GRADE CLASS. It’s the story of TWO HOMOSEXUAL PRINCES getting married and it shows them kissing. Also The Girl Scouts of America has been FORCED, by HOMOSEXUAL Groups, TO ACCEPT BOYS WHO IDENTIFY AS GIRLS.
    There even pushing to have sex education taught in Kindergarten “Chicago Passes Sex-Ed for Kindergartners – ABC News”
    “Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners ‘Is the Right Thing to Do’
    In the state of California, heterosexual married couples can no longer be referred to as Husbands and Wives , Democrat Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that not only redefines marriage, but eliminates any reference to husband and wife, replacing each with the Generic Term Spouse !
    People this is beyond the pale. The rampant proliferation of this kind of behavior is what we can expect if we continue to let the 2% TAIL OF THE HOMOSEXUAL POPULATION continue to WAG THE ENTIRE DEMOCRAT PARTY. The REPUBLICAN PARTY is our last hope in maintaining some kind of MORAL COMPASS AND TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES that are the foundation of this Country . Voting in a another Democrat President and Congress will give them the opportunity to appoint Liberal Supreme Court Justices giving the Court a LIBERAL MAJORITY FOR GENERATIONS. Meaning we can expect more of this. The following is the Genesis of a Lawsuit filed in 2006 against the reading of the HOMOSEXUAL BOOK.”KING AND KING” TO 7 YEAR OLDS IN A CLASSROOM.
    In 2006 Robb and Robin Wirthlin and David and Tonia Parker filed a federal lawsuit against the school district of Eastbrook Elementary School, which their second graders attended in Lexington, Massachusetts. The Wirthlins’ son’s teacher had read King & King aloud to the class as part of an educational unit on weddings. Parents countered that the school’s job was to teach about the world and that Massachusetts sanctioned same-sex marriage The plaintiffs claimed that using the book in school constituted sex education without parental notification, which would be a violation of their civil rights and state law. Robin Wirthlin appeared on CNN, saying
    “ We felt like seven years old is not appropriate to introduce homosexual themes. My problem is that this issue of romantic attraction between two men is being presented to my seven-year-old as wonderful, and good and the way things should be. Let us know and let us excuse our child from the discussion. ”
    The judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying “Diversity is a hallmark of our nation. The Wirthlins and the Parkers appealed the decision; a three-judge panel of the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in favor of the school. Judge Sandra Lynch, writing for the court, rejected the plaintiff’s argument that their religious beliefs were being singled out as well as their argument that their First Amendment right to free exercise of religion was violated, writing, “There is no evidence of systemic indoctrination. There is no allegation that [the second-grader] was asked to affirm gay marriage. Requiring a student to read a particular book is generally not coercive of free exercise rights.” The court also ruled that the parents’ substantive due process rights were not violated, as these rights did not legally give them the degree of control they sought over the curriculum.
    Funny how you can’t read a moral lesson from the Bible ,but you can Promote HOMOsexual marriage to 2nd and 3rd graders !

    Here’s a small % of shows with Homosexual Characters or Content without doing an in depth search ,let’s see we have the one that started it all Will and Grace, then The First , Star Trek Discovery, Ozark , Ballers, The Killing, Aquarius , True Detective ,Bosch, Grace & Frankie , Zoo ,CSI- New Orleans ,Six Feet Under , Complications ,Entourage , Angels in America ,Community , Girls, The L Word, The Walking Dead , The Following, Empire , Backstrom , Chicago Fire , The Royals ,The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bored to Death , The Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, South park, The Simpsons, Glee, The 100,Black Sails, Madame Secretary , Gotham , Kingdom, How to get Away With Murder, The Modern Family, Dominion, Tyrant, The Night Shift, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Penny Dreadful, Nurse Jackie ,Star Crossed, The Fall , Peaky Blinders , Wentworth , Defiance, Hemlock Grove, Hannibal , The Bridge , Under The Dome ,Ray Donavan , Orphan Black, Banshee, Betrayal , House of Cards , Alpha House , Masters of Sex , Nashville, Da Vinci’s Demons , Arrow, Sons of Anarchy ,Orange is the New Black, Sherlock ,Skins , Lip Service, How I met your Mother, Xena ,Prison Break , Homicide Life On The Streets , East Enders , Teen Wolf , Torchwood, Sex and the City , Bad Girls ,True Blood , Spartacus ,Game of Thrones , The Vampire Dairies , Shameless , Queer As Folk , The Wire ,The Office , Weeds ,Ripper Street , Schitt’s Creek , Eye Candy ,Transparent, The Flash ,Chasing Life ,Hit The Floor ,Dracula , Dates , The Originals ,A Place To Call Home , The Fosters , The Carrie Dairies , Undateable , and American Horror Story just to mention a few there are dozens more.
    The HOMOsexualS are 2-5% of the population ,but 90% of the TV Shows have HOMOsexual content . Don’t you think that’s a bit disproportionate and does stuff like the following need to be on TV.
    Scene From Ballers: Episode 2
    Actor 1 : Would you mind if I took you in my mouth Right now !
    Actor 2: (formerly The Rock): The whole thing ?
    Actor 1: The whole shebang !
    Actor 2: Make it quick !
    Actor 1: Thank you for the blue balls !

  • Don Townsend 2 years ago

    On immigration,I have a solution, allow unvetted unlimited illegal immigrants to enter California and then build a wall around Calif. and see how they cope with that !

  • Mike Allen 2 years ago

    Nice girl ???

  • LispyLeaf 2 years ago

    great video✌

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Oprah should present the award by telling her to check under her chair.

  • 2 years ago

    Gayle King

  • Kyle Magaro 2 years ago

    Wait so saying someone committed suicide is bad now? But saying they took their own life sounds equally as bad if not worse in my opinion.

  • Samuel Farmon 2 years ago

    Gayle is such a Sweetheart.

  • Benmore Peak 2 years ago

    Oprah doesn’t have time to be handing out awards. She should be preparing her election campaign.

  • Browntown Bashers 2 years ago

    I think they mis-titled this video. They don’t talk about Swift in this at all.

  • Howard Coombe 2 years ago

    Hayle King Supports Taylor Swifts political stand and so do I although in defence of America Europe has got some nasty devides.


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