Gay Men Still Face Hurdles Giving Blood | The Daily Show

Published on January 4, 2021

Did you know even in the time of corona, gay men can’t give blood unless they’ve been abstinent for 3 months? And before the pandemic, 12 months? Jaboukie Young-White learns more about this policy’s bogus beginnings, and why sexuality shouldn’t stand in the way of helping save lives. #DailyShow #JaboukieYoungWhite #BloodDonor



  • Bryan C 11 months ago

    I can’t believe we’re still trolling the gay community. Why does it bother anyone that someone is gay or bi or trans??? Let people live and be who they are.

  • codeSlob 11 months ago

    Does this apply to lesbians too?

  • Alexa Kiss 11 months ago

    What about gay females?! They want my blood but not my brothers?!

  • Desiree Espinosa 11 months ago

    Hey Daily Show,
    I wanted to say thank you for always putting out content even when your not on air.
    I’ve already watched all of these, and I like rewatching them!
    Thank You

  • F. N. Lorter 11 months ago

    It’s funny how CC is like. It has a conservative show like South Park to a liberal show like this one.

  • Derek Wheeler 11 months ago

    Apparently dressing straight and dressing while being poor are the same thing.

  • Beast 11 months ago

    Scus me WHAT?! I… this makes me so fing angry I can’t..

  • blue 11 months ago

    take my blood brah

  • Noblesse Oblige 11 months ago

    Hold up, that law only applies to gay men and not gay women?

  • lerato mokwena 11 months ago

    I love that at least in South Africa, gay men don’t face this ridiculous discrimination

  • Krystof Dayne 11 months ago

    I’m bi and I live in Germany and I was so absolutely sure that something like this was a thing of the past, that when I went to donate blood when the pandemic first hit, I didn’t even think about it. Made the appointment, went to the university clinic, and then had to fill out the form and there was that question that was something like “are you a man and have had sex with another man in the last 6 months” or something along those lines. Well, got up and left. Some bullshit…

  • BitchPleased 11 months ago

    pretty sure i saw this last year, another rerun.. on youtube, lol

  • Matt Darby 11 months ago

    Have no idea how anyone should give a 💩 straight gay 🦄 what ever ? Had covid-19 fully recovered straight male married kids trump 2021 but this sounds really stupid maybe persecution ? like to see any science

  • A Rap 11 months ago

    They should just mark the blood as “gay” or “straight” and you can opt to take it or not before surgery. That or have a “no gay blood” donor dot on your driver’s license 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • yaz7525 11 months ago

    I don’t get this, being homosexual is not genetic..

  • Oz wolff podcast 11 months ago

    So being worried of aids is bigotry listen you get tested you have fix it go and donate and honestly just don’t have sex in three months donate then

  • Sugawara Koushi 11 months ago

    the vaccine is not helping people it’s killing them.workers from New jersey hospital are basically being used as guinea pigs.

  • Nicholas Saini 11 months ago

    It’s a little surprising to me that this the first time people have heard about this (according to the comments). If you’ve ever tried to donate blood before, they ask you every time. Always struck me as bigoted.

  • James B 11 months ago

    It’s ok… I couldn’t get tested to see if I EVER had the virus… “Your insurance company would have to allow for the test to be further researched….” Guess the pandemic isn’t big enough to check?

  • Tom Munyon 11 months ago

    Bloodbanks can test for almost everything imaginable. They seem to be under the impression that gays don’t know safe sex practices.


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