Gasp! Bill Taylor’s Testimony Said To Be ‘Incredibly Damaging’ To Trump

Published on October 22, 2019

Thanks to the testimony of former Ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, we may now have solid evidence of the crime that Trump and his spokesman have already confessed to on camera. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert

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  • Drexel Finnicum 3 years ago

    If your disturbed by the this first families of Virginia. Will cut Donald Trumps head off in 2 second.

  • Sweetness and Light 3 years ago

    What difference does it make if, let’s say hypothetically speaking, that Joe Biden son, Hunter, did do something shady, he doesn’t work for the White House, government or his family. ???
    Why is Trump picking on him?

  • MS Kewinyc 3 years ago

    I believe Nancy Pelosi has no intention to IMPEACHING this orange village idiot. Clinton IMPEACHMENT went faster than this Nancy is dragging this out.???

  • Kathleen Blachere 3 years ago

    The sheer stupidity is unbelievable. How the h@’ll did these people think they would get away with this? A lie is not commited to memory nor loyalty especially when there are so many people involved.

  • Shar Bear926 3 years ago

    Our Moron-in-chief couldn’t tell you which POTUS first occupied the White House to save his life! Congrats Trump voters & supporters. A stark-raving-mad lunatic is running our Country. ?

  • Andrew Brent 3 years ago

    I’m not sure who is the bigger POS: Trump or Hannity. Let’s call it a draw.

  • Patricia Handa 3 years ago

    We all knew that we would be exhausted, and we are. Well, except the people that seem fine with burning down America, so long as the smart people suffer. One more year… (I’m not delusional enough to think that 20 Republican senators are going to flip.)

  • jacq danieles 3 years ago

    *”No quid pro quo!!!”*
    Provides proof of quid pro quo.

  • Luke E 3 years ago

    If Pelosi doesn’t act on this, she is effectively obstructing justice!

  • Drexel Finnicum 3 years ago

    He will be drawn and quartered in public

  • Jason Carter 3 years ago

    *Natural Sunlight* is also….

    “Incredibly Damaging to Trump” aka ‘Agent Orange’

  • Obayd ubayd 3 years ago

    “Stranger than fiction”, you couldn’t make this stuff up?? #Pray4America

  • S.D.C. 3 years ago

    The Charles Manson reference isn’t such a fetch Mr. Colbert.
    Charlie spent his life behind bars as a menace to society because people murdered others because of his rhethoric.
    People murder others because of President Trumps rhethoric and, and, …well ?‍♂️

  • singletracktician 3 years ago

    I’m surprised that Hannity could pull trump’s dick out of his mouth to be able to speak at all.

  • makesmefeellikeatalltree 3 years ago

    my neighbor voted for trump. every day I ask him “so how’s that trump workin for ya?”

  • Kathleen Hammett 3 years ago

    Who are the ” they ” Trump keeps referring to? ‘They’ say Lincoln was, ‘they’ say Miami is biggest airport, ‘they’ say I’m a stable genius… little voices in his head?

  • Hugo Pulido 3 years ago

    yup, trump would have made a wonderful dictator in some 3rd world country. he would have been the best, simply the best.
    Instead he is the one of the greatest presidents ever!

  • Montesama314 3 years ago

    “No quid pro quo!… Okay, maybe a little extortion, though.”

  • Peter Mackie 3 years ago


  • Cindy Lloyd 3 years ago

    Was he standing in the West Wing, which burned in 1932? Where Lincoln stood?


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