Gas Prices Surge as Biden Cuts Ties with Russian Oil | The Daily Show

Published on March 9, 2022

As Russia continues to attack Ukraine and calls in Syrian reinforcements, the U.S. and Europe face the costly challenge of cutting off their ties to Russian oil. #DailyShow



  • Maniac Bob 2 years ago

    Give new democratic oil countries with huge oil reserves a chance like Guyana and Suriname, while getting renewable on its feet.

  • dunmatta 2 years ago

    Trevor’s accents never get old

  • IndigenousGenius 2 years ago

    I like Trevor’s humour

  • Ian Ham 2 years ago

    Man San Francisco will be at ten a gallon in the next year!! It’s already hitting 7!!!

  • Adam Martin 2 years ago

    You guys ready for electric cars yet? Technology was developed in the 70s bro. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE. Lazy mofos enabling Russian and Middle-Eastern aggression. See where it’s got us? WW3 maybe? Nuclear war. Return to the stone age. All because you wanted a car that went vroom vroom. Idiots.

  • Nic_F. 2 years ago

    “You could make less profit” Let’s say it again for the people at the back!!!

  • Raghavendiran Boopathy 2 years ago


  • Daniel Koczak 2 years ago

    We are completely fked in the US.

  • Ouma 2 years ago

    Putin is not the devil you biracial boy… The devils are George Bush, Obama and American leaders who butchered millions of people in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

  • J D 2 years ago

    If the US starts drilling more you create competition with Opec. This lowers prices. Simple. No competition,higher prices.

  • Radi 999 2 years ago

    those people DON’T represent the Syrian people, those are mercenaries just like terrorist. We as Syrians stand with the Ukrainian people. Russia has and still killing hundreds of innocent civilians everyday and know hate Russia more than us.

  • John Chessant 2 years ago

    From the beginning of the invasion to today, Exxon’s stock went up 10% and Chevron went up 23%.

  • Sarah W. 2 years ago

    This happened a WEEK ago in Germany , its twice as high as in the beginning of corona and oil over 200% more expensive than last year

  • Mike E 2 years ago

    TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!!

  • mark factor 2 years ago

    More money for Nigerian politicians to embezzle


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