Game of Thrones Finale Water Bottle Blunder



  • Nikko 3 months ago

    3 minutes without mentioning trump. must be a new record.

  • Nanda Gaming 3 months ago


  • CD Ferraren 3 months ago

    Oh, the water bottles!

  • TWSTF 8 3 months ago

    I gotta admit, I love the last episode, and this last season of Game of Thrones, I don’t care what anyone says.

    And, I also love it that it’s going to piss alot of people off lol that makes it a thousand times better 😂

    Not everyone was going to be happy, regardless of what happened, and whether or not I agreed with the decisions made in this last season, I did see MANY little, “messages,” especially in this last episode, about power that resonate PROFOUNDLY, even today;

    They refer to their rulers as, “Your Grace.”
    It’s an adaptation of the idea that a ruler should empower mercy and the suggestive empathy of, “God,” or, “Gods.”

    Which they rarely do lol thinking too much of themselves and their own power, and that’s essentially the opposite of, “Grace.”

    Daenerys explains to Jon Snow why she refuses to pardon or forgive any of the common people; “We can’t hide behind small mercies.”

    That couldn’t be LESS true.

    However, we too often confuse, “being bold,” with, “going big.” and we confuse, “a quest for more,” with, “being better.” and, “Firsts,” even though they often lead to, “worsts.”

    The mistake is not surrendering the, “me,” for the, “we.”

    So then, when her moral opposite, Jon Snow asks her to consider the fate of the people, and when the council considers putting the choice of the next ruler to the ruled, Samwell Tarley gets laughed at and Daenerys tells Jon, “They don’t get to choose.”

    That’s essentially the exact same BIG mistake.

    When Daenerys rejects Jon’s entreaties, and she tragically won’t see mercy as part of her might, what does he do?

    Ironically, he kills her.

    Dramatic, but also symptomatic of the problem.
    Because you shouldn’t just kill what you don’t agree with.

    You shouldn’t look to overwhelm opposition, or dissenting opinions and ideas.

    The only character who actually gets it, is the one who was developed to be the example of, “the worst,” lol and that’s Drogon.

    The series’ example of prose, power, fear, and rage, Drogon is the the only one who gets it, in the end.

    Drogon confronts the man who killed his, “Mother,” and he could have VERY easily BBQ’d Jon Snow, but, instead he lashes out, directing his agonizing rage at the Iron Throne.

    Drogon uses his fire to melt the ONE thing that so many characters wanted SO desperately, the Iron Throne, into a puddle of molten steel lol Why?

    Because the Iron Throne represents the REAL problem, which is Concentrated Power.

    “Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.”

    Tyrion gets the truth of this when he says, “From now on, Rulers will not be born, they will be chosen.”

    THAT’S what resonates, even in the ruling circle, and even today,

  • Devansh Trivedi 3 months ago

    Breaking bad: 4.5 stars out of 5
    GOT: milky way

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 3 months ago

    Biden: Text UNITED to C-3PO.

  • Andrew May 3 months ago

    Jimmy Fallen should tell the truth about the water bottles and coffee cup. The entire cast and crew, are mad as hell at Dan and Dave. Selling out for Star Wars, when Game of Thrones was a once in a lifetime show. At the very least, they should’ve handed the script over to someone who wanted to finish it the right way. P.S. You Know it has to be the cast and crew. Someone spotted the bottles, and got everyone talking about it, before the episode finished airing. Who’s the person who spotted that, blew it up, put it online, and called the press? All before the episode ended? And didnt watch the rest of it? This was definenly an inside job. 🙌

  • André Miguel 3 months ago

    I’m not exactly a Fallon fan but he slayed in this monologue! D&D must be livid 😛

  • Bailey Smith 3 months ago

    come on game of thrones. pic up the pace, just because you are in the last season does not mean you can slack off, it means you should be trying your hardest

  • Angela Thomas 3 months ago

    Don’t forget to cancel your HBO people !

  • Klara Stern 3 months ago

    a Rolex for a 5 year old…and other people have to beg on kickstarter for money to get an operation for their five-year old…

  • bridge4 3 months ago

    biden and sanders are the same age, so the age thing on bernie is lame.

    trump has a history of crime and whining. biden has a history of working for his donors, and bernie has a history of fighting for the people, standing behind policy that many people around the world now favor. in other words, he has a history of being ahead of his time. Team Bernie

  • George Tarantino 3 months ago

    The coffee thing and the bottle thing only prove to me that the production for this season was EXTREMELY rushed!

  • Frederick Marvin 3 months ago

    6:16 botched spot

  • jay hulrs 3 months ago

    Worst ending ever!! Worse than LOST and I’m still upset about that one

  • Mazin Al Bulushi 3 months ago

    Yeah “everyone is talking about the” f*cking “plastic cup” and not how they f*cked the show up. Buddy it’s only you and the rest of the talk show hosts who are afraid to talk about real disappointments and instead roast them for leaving a stupid bottle

  • Nelson W. 3 months ago

    The audience seem to hate Bernie Sanders almost as much as they do Trump.

  • werner haase 3 months ago

    Know everyone jump for jimmy

  • Jennifer Holden 3 months ago

    I thought that the ending of GOT was great.

  • Liza Zackry 3 months ago

    HBO your watch has now ended.


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