Game of Thrones Creators David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Answer All Your Questions

Published on May 3, 2019

David and D.B talk about reading the Game of Thrones books, meeting George RR Martin, shooting the original (failed) pilot for HBO, the various languages in the show, they answer Jimmy’s questions about the final season, and Jason Momoa makes a surprise appearance.

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  • mombasadele 5 months ago

    “Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes if you don’t like the actor then…” This quote is just so unprofessional. D&D are idiotic clowns.

  • Dandy Campusano 5 months ago

    im pretty sure we’re not done with the white walkers

  • Mister KS 5 months ago

    Even this interview seems poorly written

  • thelegend 1881 5 months ago

    8:35 here they mentioned “possibly” in a joking manner, but who knows Maybe it’s true.. like there could be a khal drogo’s cameo in the end

  • DHRUV MALIK 5 months ago

    Lennon-Mccartney of tv-series..

  • Kevin Grenouiller 5 months ago

    Did they knew 10 years ago in that restaurant those three that they’re were gonna start the greatest serie of all time?

  • Mateusz Mucha 5 months ago

    3rd episodes sucks.

  • sajjad fereshteh'hush 5 months ago

    well they didn’t said that we are done with white walkers !

  • Abdulrahman 5 months ago

    Dump & Dumper

  • Johnny Skinwalker 5 months ago

    Was watching that last night. I was thinking all of things I would have said to these guys if I was a talkshow host. Now you start with the compliments and praises first and then….

  • Jmaccxx 5 months ago

    The Night King’s Spiral Symbol was all our hopes dreams and theories going down the drain….

  • BetaArtemis 5 months ago

    Making a show isn’t easy, juggling all the things they’ve had to do in creating this show and making it into the success that it has been is not easy, anyone who’s ever been involved in making any kind of production of this kind knows the hours of hard work and dedication it takes to create something, and this is why I will always be grateful to Dan and Dave for all the work they have done. They brought to life what was always thought to be an impossible to adapt series, and they deserve all the credit for making it possible. People will always judge, that’s the nature of TV, but very few people could have give this series life the way Dan and Dave have done, so thank you

  • TheWurzelx3 5 months ago

    all these fookin kneelers know nothing, this show is fantastic and when you have a good TV, you could see everyting just fine. Dont watch this show on your phone, kneelers.

  • caitieguttry 5 months ago

    Title should be Game of Thrones Creators Answer None of Your Questions

  • Dileep M 5 months ago

    Now I suspect Walkers aren’t done yet.

  • Brad Idrees 5 months ago

    Oh look, it’s tweedledee and tweedledumbass

  • Bang Shaun 5 months ago

    Their reaction to the whitewalker and iron throne question makes me feel fairly confident that they’re just hiding all the real story info about the whitewalkers and brand visions for the new show…damn sons of bitches ruin one diamond of a show just so they can stretch the damn thing out for a shitty prequel no one wants and make more money for what will most likely be a shitty show

  • MrSuperman2307 5 months ago

    They’re running away during the last episode in fear of an anticlimactic ending smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Yo 5 months ago

    They answered none of the questions

  • New Message 5 months ago

    Ol’ ‘Butterbeard’ George.


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