Gaetz-Gaete: Creepy Florida Man’s Career Implodes Over Sex Trafficking Investigation

Published on April 5, 2021

A Justice Department investigation into allegations of sex with an underage woman and illegal payments to others may take down Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue

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  • A M 10 months ago

    PizzaGaetz V2.0

  • jmisc 10 months ago

    Would be nice to see Gaetz List, want to see whose politicians are associated with him. Also on why he and Trump love each other.

  • TheNeoVid 10 months ago

    Trump’s telling his followers to cancel Coca-Cola and baseball? Next up, Republican boycotts on apple pie and bald eagles.

  • chris cauwelier 10 months ago

    Tucker Carlson will end up in psychiatry. It’s all rage in his eyes and voice, he won’t keep this up.

  • Wayne Bridges 10 months ago

    He will not get jail to much money in the back ground

  • N I Q O L E 10 months ago

    I think those girls deserve hazard pay for having to sleep Matt ‘skeezy-ass’ Gaetz!

  • Aaron James 10 months ago

    Damn, that was hilaraious!

  • Moab Jam Audio 10 months ago

    in switzerland it’s technically legal to carry 10g (0.35 ounces). and yes i think 3 onces is a lot!😊

  • SAG A* 10 months ago

    There you go Q, I guess you were right, my bad.

  • Rhys Sanders 10 months ago

    how is singing the words to “gold digger” racist? we’re talking about the kanye song right? if not then i dont know and so dont need an opinion but if it is, how?

  • h e 10 months ago

    Can we not repeat the dumb asses words?

  • Steve Webber 10 months ago

    I guess 45 didn’t get the memo that Republicans were supposed to blame libs for cancel culture, not engage in it.

    Then again, maybe he did get the memo. But there’s that reading comprehension problem.

  • GingeryCarrot Kitten 10 months ago

    That awkward moment when I watch you from youtube on my PC…….Not my TV. #millenial

  • C Rey 10 months ago

    Colbert bombed today! So weird without an audience. It just doesn’t work.

  • Steve Sloan 10 months ago

    Wasn’t Matt Gaetz the Congressman who furriously cranked telephones and shouted “Get me the Fuhrer!”?

  • Kathleen hammett 10 months ago

    Gaetz has his GOP defenders.. Gym Jordon who ignored boys getting raped & abused, and the gun touting “family values” ambassador Marjorie Taylor Greene who was bonking her trainer & gym buddies.. what a cess pit the Republican party is.

  • Sir Humphrey Appleby 10 months ago

    He’s Alive!

  • free juice 10 months ago

    did Stephen Colbert play with the holy bible to make a joke lol.

  • Rafed hmadi 10 months ago


  • sandra robinson 10 months ago

    Question Gaetz, Greenburg, Stone and How often did the meet up, Did Gaetz Daddy help put Greenburg in the Tax Man Position how were Matt and Stone involved what was scam there is a story there love to know what they were up to.


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