Gad Elmaleh Is The French Jerry Seinfeld – CONAN on TBS

Published on March 22, 2019

Gad made quite the first impression on his mentor Jerry Seinfeld when they first met 12 years ago.

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  • JoeDurobot 2 years ago

    *This dudes carreer is over after using stolen jokes from both French and US comedians in France.*
    *Is he still trying to make it in the US?*

  • HydraLord1221 2 years ago

    If this guy is the funny one, leatherface is the pretty one. “You look different today… New face?”

  • NoneOfTheAbove 2 years ago

    So in other words Gad isn’t funny?

  • JDB la famille 2 years ago

    qu’est ce qu’il parle bien anglais Gad…………………….. mdr

  • EOIN MURPHY 2 years ago

    I don’t think comedians steal jokes at least not intentionally, a certain topic maybe popular at the time so they’re bound to be coming out with similar material much like musicians who release a song that sounds similiar to another artist.

  • Seetiyan 2 years ago

    It’s interesting that Seinfeld could tell he was a comedian. But this doesn’t explain how he’s the “French Seinfeld.”

  • Steven Farmer 2 years ago

    Didn’t Jerry Seinfeld marry a 16 year old or something

  • Omar El Alami 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who never heard of the joke stealing scandal? Anyone care to fill me in?

  • ajfx 2 years ago


  • Furesis777 2 years ago

    i just went to teamcoco website to look for clips and who ever made that website needs to re do like the whole site. horrible interface and hard to find anything. i just wanna watch some coco clips (snif) that’s all… that’s all…

  • Shadow Heart 2 years ago

    Only 60 seconds? Come on, man.

  • Miaou 2 years ago

    Gad is a thief ! Team Coco do your research, work before inviting this fraud !

  • ramdam974 2 years ago

    Just type “copy comic gad elmaleh” (it’s in french) in youtube search and you’ll understand why everyone say he’s a thief(because he is).

  • Varun Singh 2 years ago

    In this clip, Andy is the funniest guy

  • Legionario Cruel 2 years ago

    So he is a pedantic SOB who got rich with a single comedy project he produced over 20 years ago and has never done anything funny ever since?

  • Jacob Murphy 2 years ago

    I think Seinfeld isn’t all that genius really..haha. he’s cool tho uno

  • Old Man Marx 2 years ago

    These videos are too long.

  • Grégoire Cuisine 2 years ago

    This guy is not the French Seinfeld; he would like to! In France he is even acused of stealing American jokes from others!

  • CoLoNeLC4 2 years ago

    This fraud…poor Americans, now he’s infecting your continent

  • ET 2 years ago

    Isn’t this the dude that steals a ton of jokes from many comedians??


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