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Published on March 24, 2023

Republicans want you to believe that increased funding and workforce for the IRS means you’ll have tax collectors breaking down your door and taking your money at gunpoint. In the latest installment of Long Story Short, Al Franken takes a look at what that new IRS money is really going towards, including updated technology and more people to handle the complex high-income audits.
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  • Pam Aitchison 2 months ago

    And the BIG ONE they like to audit is poor/middle income subcontractors who have the ordacity to deduct a meal or entertainment expense without a receipt. Corporations can finance entire company conventions of food and entertainment in Vegas and not worry about a single audit.

  • ToddRobinson13 2 months ago

    Mr. Frankin reminds me of a chill Lewis Black.

  • Awake 2 months ago

    Man. Republican politicians and right wing tv hosts are incorrigible.

  • Jack Makau 2 months ago

    Al is the best weekly host so far.

  • Mark 2 months ago

    Wow, I’m so conflicted. I believe in the value of the trend Trevor established for the Daily Show, especially in light of late night show eco-sphere, and I personally want Roy Wood Jr. to take over, still. But after this week, and watching all the others, I really want to watch a satirical news in this format that Al Franken hosts. I know (now) there’s a podcast, but still, I love the weight of actual experience in politics that he brings. It’s a level of personal investment and clout on par with John Stewart. I’m a big fan of Hasan Minhaj as well, but I’ve found the show this week more nourishing and funnier than any of the visiting hosts so far.

  • S P 2 months ago

    Surprise , GOP/FOX are liars. I work on a IRS contract to hire ADMINISTRATIVE personnel. Rich people hate the fact that a government agency become more efficient. especially one that has them pay their fair share of taxes.

  • John SoloDolo 2 months ago

    Social Security? They said my generation won’t have one. Meanwhile, people who never lived nor worked here can get it right now

  • Wealthy Panda - The Passive Income Guru 2 months ago

    First, we should know the real problem with taxes which is simply we have an old complicated system from a century ago. Both parties promised to simplify it and do something like Korea or Japan where most people will simply receive a card and say yes, this is my taxes and sign it but neither party will do it because they swimming in TurboTax money lobbying cash. The IRS can simply fix this for 90% of American and spend their investigator times where it count. Hiring more investigators will not fix the problem. They need to fix the root cause of the issue

  • The AJ 2 months ago

    Defunding tax services is a surefire way to mess up the finances of a country.
    I know because we tried the same in Denmark a decade ago and there’s still billions unaccounted for…

  • Manwith Noname 2 months ago

    Register as an INDEPENDENT. If no one is registered as a democrat or republican, then both of these clown parties can get lost. No more Washington DC Punch and Judy shows! Neither party cares about you! Show them you don’t care about them either.

  • Donnell Thomas 2 months ago

    But aren’t the Republicans gun activist and gun-rights supporters

  • Collin Tee 2 months ago

    Dump prefers to pay taxes in China.

  • Vickie Dixon 2 months ago

    I love Al Franken. Please get back in Congress. Please Please Please

  • dona kidder 2 months ago

    Eighty thousand IRS is going to cost the taxpayers more than the war we didn’t get a vote for. A better way to say taxpayers more CUT the pay of the POLITICIANS in half. Then it would attract less greedy people!

  • DesertPackrat 2 months ago

    His writing and comedic timing is incredible. He is a pro. He may not be the one I want for a permanent host, but I hope those applying watch him to see a less hectic, shouting approach that still has energy and wit.

  • Gary Pofahl 2 months ago

    Listen to the fear mongering from the goper goons ! The goper swamp sewage is getting deeper and deeper by the minute ! “Your mama ” Do the goons even have Mothers or did they just swim up from the bottom of the swamp sewage ?

  • Michael Scott 2 months ago

    Well if the IRS only knew basic math, then they would know it’s easier to go after the wealthy because there a less wealthy people than poor people. LESS staff= go after the FEW that can AFFORD to pay more taxes thus adding more money to the treasury. Aren’t they the ones doing record PROFITS these last few years? So the IRS would have to work TWICE as hard for what? to collect pennies from the poor instead? Makes sense.

  • Russell Lang 2 months ago

    most people get a tax refund and dont owe at the end of the year so idk how the IRS could possibly have 1 trillion uncollected when some people never file (not getting a return) and some people dont deduct enough meaning the IRS ends up with extra money from them. Oh wait we arent talking about normal working class americans, we’re talking about the 1% that makes up 2/3 of total american income. They HAVE all the money, meanwhile they OWE $1 trillion to the IRS. Makes sense.

  • Tom Drewenskus 2 months ago

    C’mon Al. When you were in office you could have passed tax laws to get the ultra-rich to pay a greater amount of taxes with less loopholes. But you didn’t. So, these billionaires are paying what they owe according to the current US Tax Code. I guess that is why the far left woke mob (Bernie, Pocahontas, AOC, etc) is suggesting a wealth tax in addition to an income tax.


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