Full SXSW Panel: Talking 2020, Political Comedy & Studio Antics with Jake Tapper | The Daily Show

Published on March 11, 2019

Trevor and the entire News Team sat down with CNN’s Jake Tapper for The Daily Show’s SXSW panel to discuss plans for 2020, behind the scenes stories from the studio, and The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.



  • Papapau 2 years ago

    45 mins?????……. only???

  • Jay Camacho 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah is pure Establishment shill and Jake Tapper is the definition of fake news

  • Elzeez 2 years ago

    All I wan hear abt on this channe is abt Africa or Donald trump anything else am not clicking ? like if u agree?

  • Crampets Shain 2 years ago

    The same people who cry and think trump is racist are literally clapping at this Asian man’s racism. “I’m voting for the Asian just because of his eyes” ohhh ahahah so funny! They’re so dumb they dont even realize how racist they are then 2 hours later they will tweet how racist they think the president is God you people (this panel) are so gross. You guys are not America you represent the worst of america.

  • ZM Dumpbox 2 years ago

    These folk sound more like a real news team than a lot of cable news teams. They sound more like local news teams in that they show exhaustion with a constant barrage of national headlines, and really want to dive deep into stories in their local environments, like many local newspapers and local TV broadcasters do.

  • Seth VanderLouw 2 years ago

    What can I do as a male for equal pay for females

  • Patrick Kruger 2 years ago

    Jake “the corporatist” Tapper is a shit reporter. Pardon my language, but you’re better than this Trevor.

  • superschmolz 2 years ago

    Man. I wish I had time to watch this whole thing right now.

  • Randall Blyler 2 years ago

    I didn’t used to get my news exclusively from The Daily Show, but I might try it now. These people are magnificent.

  • Didi B 2 years ago

    Quite interesting, enlightening and truly funny.

  • bubbies67 2 years ago

    This was SO interesting (and at times hilarious) – Thank you!

  • Richard Wong 2 years ago

    “Let’s got there, and try to copy off their homework, and then steal those ideas as our own because that is the American way.” lol

  • Rosie Ran 2 years ago

    Trevor is back! Thank Lord!

  • Champagne Supernova 2 years ago

    Jake Tapper is hot ?

  • xLegendaryPete 2 years ago

    if it wasnt clear that Trevor noah is a corporate schill, this is proof. You will never be better than Jon was.

  • Christel Headington 2 years ago

    Lake Erie is half Canadian.

  • Weslynn Ellington 2 years ago

    Loved it!

  • stephen beck 2 years ago

    Interesting, but very softball

  • Wayne Zimmerman 2 years ago



  • kelvianna epperson 2 years ago

    I’m subscribed to CNN on here because I don’t have the channel anymore. And I love the daily show I really enjoy it cracking up at the seriousness and how they make it funny

  • Didem 6 months ago

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