Full Frontal Rewind: Gun Control

Published on August 25, 2021

Did you know we haven’t always been this shrill? It’s just that we’ve been shouting about mass shootings as a show since the first year we were on the air. And we’ll just keep yelling louder and louder until something finally changes.

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  • charles stuart 1 year ago

    When a faction tried to get personal defense in the Second Amendment during the Constitutional convention they were out and out rejected. The term the “right to bear arms” is a British term to join the army – as it is in the OED today. The Second Amendment was a mutual defense amendment for a country without a standing army.

  • Chloe Hennessey 1 year ago

    Gun control?
    Use both hands, done.

    Also, be responsible and put your firearms in a safe. Over half of the gun deaths in the United States are self inflicted- ie suicides.

    Also the vast majority of gun deaths after suicide? Gang violence and drug violence.
    Guns don’t cause them. People with mental illness do. Firearms are tools. Why don’t you condemn automobiles? Hand tools? Knives? Motorcycles?

    Eh. Sam you’re a sheep. I see right through your BS.

  • batgurrl 1 year ago

    Is Sam EVER coming back?
    Google does not give an answer about cancellation or renewal. She didn’t even have a finale😭

  • kityumcashco kityumcashco 1 year ago

    Hey Trump…stop inciting violence.

  • Istdoch Allesegal 1 year ago

    Meanwhile, Texas is about to shed education and training requirements to enable “Constitutional Carry” – given the state’s current gun violence stats, it’s time for “Welcome to the Thunderdome!”

  • Jeffrey Cater 1 year ago

    I’m not gonna lie if CarryGuard from the NRA was to protect people who were legitimately protecting people who only were using there firearm in actual self defense, it sounds like a good idea.
    Where I live, even when protecting your home, you can be charged with a crime for hurting someone if the judge or jury deems it excessive. It seems weird to me that’d you charge someone for protecting their home but that’s how it is here.
    Now if CaryGuard was used for any shooting done by an NRA member which I don’t doubt would be the case then it seems crazy.
    Why can’t life just be easy, breezy, lemon squeezy 😂😂😬😭😭

  • Father Samuel 1 year ago

    Is this woman supposed to be funny?Reminds me why don’t vote for leftists.

  • jim catalfamo 1 year ago

    Sammy said “our nation”!? Sammy has said in the pass her allegiance is to Canada. so who is we Sammy. Gun violence? what about West Virginia? violent crimes down almost 90% last year since adopting on carry. i was traveling through Pennsylvania that is an open carry state and seen guns on peoples hip (men & women) and i didn’t feel threaten one bit. actually had some great chats with a few of them about local site seeing and found them to be very friendly people. not once did we talk about what was on their hip. what i find more threatening is how Americans listen to Sammy as end all truth and get all their news facts from a so call comedy show.

  • Donald Draper 1 year ago

    So you wanna defund police and disarm gun owners? 🤔

  • Alex D 1 year ago

    I like you for a lot of ☺😊😊😊👍Samantha Bee 🐝 reasons and one of them is honesty. Like if a democrat made horrorible policies you’d point it out and not mislead your audience and say it was the other side

  • Alex D 1 year ago

    I love you😍😍😍💖💕❤ Samantha Bee 🐝. The pope may be a lot more important but meeting you would be more of an honor meeting you it would mean so much too me a person who is autstic. Hugs and kisses 😍😍😘😘 also your husband Jason Jones is lucky he married you I hope that you two are doing well 😇☺😊

  • free2express08 1 year ago

    100% misogyny connects to much of the alt-right anger that we see gun violence and toxic behavior and beliefs like “incels”. This stems from conservative beliefs.

  • Brian 1 year ago

    What a garbage show lol wow……


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