Fringe-Watching: Madison Cawthorn | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on March 3, 2021

Get to know North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, including how he got to be the youngest member of Congress, his sexual misconduct, his fake résumé and his interesting choice of vacation destination. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MadisonCawthorn



  • Michael Schmidt 1 month ago

    Good to know my fa-dar is still working. I saw the thumbnail and was like, ‘that guy looks like a fascist.’ Confirmed at 6:02

  • Avital Lichtenfeld 1 month ago

    How dare he. How dare he talk about the home of the man who tried to wipe out my people like a vacation home. How dare he rate the house of the person who murdered 11 million people in cold blood (6 million Jews 5 million others) the way you might rate an Airbnb. How dare he stand in the place where Adolf Hitler vacationed as millions died on his command and his armies raged across Europe, trying to conquer the world for him. There are few people who I can firmly say were pure evil. Hitler is at the top of that list. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that is probably on it too.

  • Home Wall 1 month ago

    The young are our future. Sad, eh?

  • Steven Thrasher 1 month ago

    It really takes an effort to be a bigger slimeball in Congress than Ted Cruz. Boy is Cawthorn making a run for that title.

  • michellejean11 1 month ago

    No wonder white supremacist/Nazis like cawthorn so much hie lies like a true trump with no regard for facts, truth, scruples, morals or sense of shame. What’s worse then a sociopath… cawthorn!

  • Compassionate Curmudgeon 1 month ago

    Kudos to his parents for calling his bullshit when they saw it. Sucks they missed the indicators that their son was becoming a douche till it was too late.

    Think of all the poor spoiled children out there, suffering in their poor consequence and empathy free worlds.
    That’s why I support Children Interventional. For the cost of one session of brutal consequence for their actions you too can save a child from douchitus.

  • Alvin Strong 1 month ago

    Warn women about him instead of prosecute him. Being white in this country man…

  • Anthony Marret 1 month ago

    He is a republican and his name is Cawthorne… CAWTHORNE. That’s just an even whiter name than Tanner or Bradley. That man obviously meant trouble from the get go.

  • Dennis Barnes 1 month ago

    Here we go
    Look at the GOP
    How about cuomo?

  • Doug O 1 month ago

    Innuendo…and out the other

  • A L 1 month ago

    Ok, which team is worst Pistons or Nets?

  • Agape Powell 1 month ago

    I live in WNC and trust me, we’re not happy that this douche is representing us. We’re mostly left-leaning in Asheville but we’re surrounded by racists and conservatives here. It’s not funny or cute. I didn’t vote for him and sure as hell gonna do all I can to make sure he’s a one hit wonder.

  • inm mbb 1 month ago

    This guy seems so scary 😨 and dangerous. It seems as if he has no yang in his yin🥶.

  • christoph paessler 1 month ago

    So he is a reflection of Trump

  • Karim V 1 month ago

    What the heck. This is insane. How was he never charged with all that kind of behavior in College. Yeah, so called justice system.

  • allen sacharov 1 month ago

    Is it my imagination or does it seem as if the woman in this interview could have easily appeared in an Onion “interview.”

  • King 1 month ago

    i think sexual advances should should not be illegal. sure its creepy, and obserd. the issue is not asking a person their sexual preference or ideology, what should be illegal is the way men handle getting turned down….and also any unwanted physical stuff

  • Diane Lee 1 month ago

    What a slimy sociopath! Wake up Republicans. You will NEVER win another election unless you clean up your ranks. 😷

  • Ken Hes 1 month ago

    The dregs of society…republican congress.


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