Friday Night Fights with Thomas Lennon

Published on April 23, 2016

The fight gets extra intense tonight when Gandalf and Optimus Prime face off against Dumbledore and Voltron.

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  • FouneDeCombat 4 years ago

    joke about coming early

  • Zev Feitelson 4 years ago

    first hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I win
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I got here first

  • Synix Seven (Synix7) 4 years ago

    hi guys

  • Katrina Nauroth (Acclue) 4 years ago

    Relatively early, but not necessarily first.

  • Zev Feitelson 4 years ago

    oh God Gandalf Dumbledore don’t make me choose this is like asking somebody
    to choose between their the two kids except on a much greater scale please
    for the love of God Don’t Make Me choose I can’t choose they’re both so
    awesome (God I’m actually serious here I’m a nerd yeah I’m a nerd)

  • LuvLuv 4 years ago

    gandalf win

  • cellogirl11RW 4 years ago

    Gandalf and Optimus Prime!!!!?

  • KingOfMadCows 4 years ago

    Must have been painful for Colbert to argue against Gandolf.

  • victor martone 4 years ago

    dude really craping on his gigs

  • Luca Grünenfelder 4 years ago

    Gandalf has the upper hand when it comes to death: One wizard comes back to
    life and the other just becomes a talking painting.

  • Mildly Insane 4 years ago

    Man that’s a tough call. Because Gandalf clearly wins in the wizard part of
    the match up, but Voltron is the clear superior warrior in the robot match
    up. I’d hate to see Gandalf lose, but I don’t think he has anything
    powerful enough to combat Voltron. I mean five individual lion robots would
    be powerful enough, but the combined power of them joined up to form
    Voltron? I don’t think it could be beaten by Optimus alone. Not without the
    help of other Autobots.

    I gotta give this one to Voltron and Dumbledore. Though Dumbledore is
    likely to be squished pretty quickly, Voltron makes up for it by miles.

  • Dr Politically Incorrect 4 years ago

    does me vs this pint i have count? and i mean sorbet not alchohol

  • Teemu Palomäki 4 years ago

    I was a rebel and voted as a Finnish person from Finland even though only
    America was asked to vote. I suppose this leads to furry hats declaring
    stricter voting laws in the future episodes.


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