Fred Armisen Shows Off His Music-Themed Impressions

Published on February 10, 2023

Fred Armisen talks about his Netflix special Standup For Drummers before sharing some highly specific music-related observations and impressions.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Rohn Jambo 10 months ago

    The live audience don’t seem to get Armisen’s realm of comedy. Guess they’re used to the absolutely dumbed-down&one-dimensional* DOA jokes of the current SNL cast

    * hyphenating is my weakness

    Anyways, Fred’s stuff is always funny in multiple ways, for multiple reasons.

  • Todd B. 10 months ago

    What a swell person.

  • FearlessVampireKiller 10 months ago

    rare 8G Band sighting

  • Marquise Strong 10 months ago

    That last one really got me!

  • Roth Loaf 10 months ago

    I’m jealous of Fred. Not for the talent, fame, or wealth, but for sharing a stage with Bill Frisell.
    He’s wrong about my shoulders… where’s my Corrections?

  • Corey Rice 10 months ago

    Love how they’re dancing on 1 and 3 at the end there hahaha

  • losersclub 10 months ago

    I love Fred armisen so much

  • god laster 10 months ago

    i loved Fred on last man on earth! he got to eat martin short! lucky!

  • Ramiro Cibrian 10 months ago

    I love Seth. I love Fred. But Fred and Seth together is so fucking funny. You can see how much they love each other.

  • b101 10 months ago

    Documentary Now season 5 when?

  • IA1 10 months ago

    Being at a Late Night with Seth Meyers recording is on my wishlist but now it has a Fred Armisen clause. Double guaranteed to be funny.

  • Moe Koffee 10 months ago

    Did Fred and Seth graduate from the same impression camp?


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