Fred Armisen, Art Aficionado: The Bride (La Mariée) by Marc Chagall

Published on January 16, 2020

Fred Armisen describes the history behind a famous piece of art by Marc Chagall titled The Bride (La Mariée).

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  • ComtedeMazan6 8 months ago

    Pure Rick Chagall stuff

  • New Message 8 months ago

    If the Met doesn’t get on making placemats out of this painting for their gift shop, someone needs to be fired.

  • goodtimesroll8 8 months ago

    Have to agree with Fred here. One of Chagall’s best times.

  • Vee Macks 8 months ago

    I like these Fred bits but there’s really no need for the 40 second long identical pre-amble each time.

  • Red Hunteur 8 months ago

    January 1950 was a great month for paintings.

  • Tahtahme Xero 8 months ago

    He really is kind of a Renaissance Man, he always seems really in charge of his faculties to me. That’s why I really like seeing him last year when some Latinx people lightly roasted his pronunciation of some Spanish words. Reminded me he does have some things, as we all do ?

  • Vicky T 8 months ago

    These are the unfunniest segments on your show.

    Fred needs to get a job and stop mooching off you.


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