Fox News, Where Sexual Harassment Gets You A Contract Extension

Published on October 24, 2017

Bill O’Reilly reached a $32 million settlement with a woman alleging him of sexual harassment. Fox News swiftly disciplined him with the harsh punishment of more money.

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  • Dhruv Mahajan 3 years ago

    why do guy with so much money even need to harass anyone

  • प्रियदर्शी 3 years ago

    Getting raped is apparently requirement for joining Fox now. They represent the worst of rapist, illiterate inbred redneck shits in America, which is what exactly their viewerbase forms. They aren’t any different from their viewers.

  • Gordon Anderson 3 years ago

    FOX NEWS motto- Our employees are no longer forced to sexually pleasure the bosses, no wait… wait, just a tic…
    OK, NOW! our people are no longer being forced to sexually pleasure the bosses.

  • nickolas 3 years ago

    What a discussing piece of turd

  • porcospino289 3 years ago

    Alleging him of it, eh? Sounds serious!

  • Vanda Walters 3 years ago

    Cannot get enough of you, Stephen Colbert

  • Lena Pauwels 3 years ago

    Rush minority suburb command host border advocate influence threaten actual fix.

  • asifur rahman 3 years ago

    Bill o Rielly is a rapist! ha ha

  • A M 3 years ago

    Colbert the immaculate one.
    In his own mind.

  • GomerfromIsaan 3 years ago

    Is this a deflection from the Harvey Weinstein scandal? I see the liberals are trying to compare O’Reilly and Weinstein now.

  • Scott Wilson 3 years ago

    imagine if he had just put $32 Million aside in high interest bonds, and spent the profits on hookers and coke…he would be set for life.

  • Corey Dahl 3 years ago

    Jay-Z made a career off of glorifying misogyny, praising crime, and material excess. Does Colbert chose to comment on that? Nope. Obama invited Jay-Z to the White House numerous times. Was that an issue for Colbert? Nope. There is a significant percentage of the music and imagery associated with mainstream rap artists that regularly glorifies the harassment and demeaning of women. Frequently, these fictionalized accounts from performers within the “gangster rap” genre are given an added dimension in live performances. Does Colbert take issue with this? No. Why is that? Is race a factor? Colbert and many of his colleagues in the media treat allegations as fact, seemingly regardless of their source , but are largely silent when it comes to something like an extremely popular genre of music positively praising the very same issues they bloviate about ad nauseam. The difference? Well, race certainly seems to be influencing the Colbert ilk’s purported outrage.

  • Bryan Amador 3 years ago

    Colbert shouldn’t be talking. His best friend is John Podesta the child molesta.

  • Mauri Cobian 3 years ago

    What the hell is that laugh?? Did they give him Jay Leno’s guitarist?

  • Awakened citizen 3 years ago

    Liberal Hollywood: where outright rape of multiple victims gets you….EVERYTHING!!

    Trump didn’t say HE grabbed women by the pussy he was saying how HOLLYWOOD allows this behavior and how he thought it was an unbelievable fact. Clearly proven now with Harvey Weinstein…. Corey Feldman been saying it for years now everyone coming out of the woodwork. So again you’re wromg and a moron for backing these horrible people doing these unspeakable acts. Hollywood and Democraps go hand in hand not Hollywood and Republicans. Wake the fuck up dunce…

  • that troll 3 years ago

    Must feel weird for Stephen to see this happen especially after him being on his show many times

  • Look Dick 3 years ago

    The GOP . . . not far from GROPE! lmao . . .Yup, republicans can’t get pussy, no one wants to fuck these ugly, uncool people. If you know a republican, you’ll realize most of them are on the ugly side.

  • Nite Train 3 years ago

    Hollywood liberals where’s sexual harassment is the way of life.

  • Telly Vin-a 3 years ago

    how is fox news not getting sh*t for bringing back an HR nightmare


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