Fox News vs. El Paso Shooter’s Manifesto | The Daily Show



  • Michael 3 years ago

    Fox white supremacist news

  • Ernst Schulze 3 years ago

    some real shit for a TV show… respect for going where it hurts

  • WoW Thats Great 3 years ago

    Sick as fuck but that’s great at the end lmao

  • Lisa Grannan 3 years ago


  • tsquaretran 3 years ago

    Evil in front of our eyes

  • elchamber 3 years ago

    The ironic thing is that most of these illegal aliens are religious, which means guaranteed Republican supports. Racist Morons. A lot of immigrants do lean towards Republicans when republicans politicians start talking about God.

  • OMR 3 years ago

    Fox News is dangerous. I dont know why it isnt banned.

  • Derrick 3 years ago

    America you are in deep sh*t and so divided that hundreds of people are putting thumbs down for this vid

  • Robin Hislop 3 years ago

    Should there be further parallel drawn between Trump’s tweets, and the manifesto?

    Or is that redundant?

  • Let's Discuss It 3 years ago

    JESUS. I didn’t realize what this video was until it ended. This is scary.

  • Littlelady.7 Vidhya vishal 3 years ago

    Fox new is not a new channel. These stupid people also add fuel to the fire fox is also responsible for this shooting

  • Emma nordh 3 years ago

    I mean Sean Hannity sounds properly insane when he is ranting about *one mind* *propaganda tool for the Democratic party?* He is talking about himself, he is talking about his own channel and still he is unable, or unwiling, to see this 0_O 😮

  • charlielauffer 3 years ago

    One heart, one mind, one soul? Then Hannity should also include PBS,CBS, NBC, CBC, BBC, BBC AUSTRALIA, you know, ALL the top fake news in the entire world that 100% agree that Fox news is owned and run by a gaggle of racists, war mongering, traitorous hate filled neonazis. Ya know, this is what well dressed klansmen look like today. Booyah !

  • aysumaysu 3 years ago

    Goodness… how dare they still blame video games, a loss of belief or the need for even more weapons for this? ?

  • stone1andonly 3 years ago

    Fox News is a GIGO operation – Garbage In, Garbage Out. Soulless fuckers (with maybe the exceptions of Shep Smith & Chris Wallace) with absolutely zero conscience. How do evil acts happen? Frightened people twisted by the lies of assholes like this do something no one should do. This is a direct result of the fear generated on a daily basis by Fox News.

  • Jose Martinez 3 years ago

    Jesus that was creepy!

  • Andrew Cai 3 years ago

    Fox News has blood on their hands

  • Spicy Comments 3 years ago

    oh my

  • Harry Haller 3 years ago

    They created all this and they dont believe is true.
    We have power. We can change peoples lives with our bullshit for good or bad.

  • clout kids 3 years ago

    First it was always the american/white american starts the shooting and kill people and blame innocent mexican people they just what got for there children’s


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