Fox News on Impeachment Hearings: Where’s The Sex? | The Daily Show

Published on November 14, 2019

As public impeachment hearings begin, Fox News tries to get their viewers to tune out, calling the proceedings boring, complicated and unsexy. #TheDailyShow



  • Leon Day 8 months ago

    Nixon’s impeachment (which he retired before it got to the conclusion) was not sexy.
    If you want it to be sexy, we can always go back to him paying off porn stars and abusing money to hide or create scandals.

  • kimberly cornelius 8 months ago

    Why do Republicans have to remember the truth ?

  • Cornell :D 8 months ago

    They’re banking on the stupidity of their base. The rest of the country knows better!!

  • ArlanKels 8 months ago

    So FOX’s stance is:
    American people are dumb
    The impeachment shouldn’t happen because it’s boring.

  • Max Doubt 8 months ago

    So…the proceedings were so boring it made FOX go into panic mode?

  • avi gutierrez 8 months ago

    Is it just me or things are getting crazier out there.
    Joker 2019.

    Things are getting crazier but in the trump White House.
    Fox News 2019

  • D'Mario Landrum 8 months ago

    Damn I hate White people!! This shit getting outrageous.

  • Witty Turret 8 months ago

    How do ya’ll like your freedom of speech now, huh?

  • onemoment 8 months ago

    0:43 It’s so weird watching a man argue that no one will watch something that is also being played in picture-by-picture on the other side of the screen. It’s right there. People COULD be watching it if you turned up the volume, person who I think is Lou Dobbs.

  • Ben 8 months ago

    Damn, if I was conservative I would be super insulted. Fox is saying that their viewer only give a shit about flash and not substance but that’s only the most shallow part. The deeper insult is that they even tried that method of trying to oush nonsense through by simple repetition. It will certainly work on the stupid, can’t help them. But what about intellgent conservatives? They should be up in arms about this horrible repreaentation of them as a political party. There are some real winners at fox news, it’s hard for me to imagine the depths of their stupidity in terms of the long game. Such short sightedness it’s shocking, do they think people aren’t going to crush them for this someday? An internal rebellion with the conservative party to bring it back to the core ideas of valuing stability over change. I’m fine with that, it balances change quite nicely when there is clear communication. News organizations have probably done more harm to the culture than anything else, except perhaps the internet, but that’s like a natural offshoot overdrive of the same pattern of broadcasting extremes as normal, making people think crazy shit is going on everywhere so we’re afraid and easy to control. There are huge potential pitfalls to that, namely that if you push the control schemes too hard, people get angry and gather into mobs and commit horrifying acts of violence. That could happen on anywhwre these days with how amped people are from all these decades of conditioning.

  • Tach Lnk 8 months ago

    What have you done Trevor! Now I am racist.

  • SchwerMetall154 8 months ago

    Never mind the fact that the impeachment process is about law and national security and not about being sexy and ‘made-for-TV’; I dunno about the folks over at Fox News but I’m pretty sure that extortion, bribery, 300+ million dollars, war support, fighting Russians, backdoor channels, and an idiot mob boss as president sure sounds pretty damn interesting.

  • Aurora McFarland 8 months ago

    Can we bring back Jordan Klepper’s gaslighting?

  • Mari Oka 8 months ago

    Fox obviously supports stupidity..ignorance and wants to kill democracy!

  • Trap H 8 months ago

    fox news is a fuck fest for boomers

  • Randy qquaint 8 months ago

    If we’re still around 100 years from now, I hope the history books remember “Fox News” as absurdist, right-wing propaganda.

    Maybe there are (or were once) some good news reporters and teams working there, but these days, you can hardly call it a news network. The damage it’s done to this country is unbelievable.

  • Doug Grinbergs 8 months ago

    White House/cabinet crime syndicate #QuidProQuoPros #MafiaShakedown #bribery #extortion #ShadowForeignPolicy #ImpeachTheBastards

  • Shikher Gupta 8 months ago

    Imagine if this jokes were made about Obama and his daughter

  • Robert Severson 8 months ago

    Oh you a Fuckin smart ass it’s the democrats who do the sex thing. Asshole remember slick Willy who had his dick sucked he Democrat you stupid piece of shit

  • Kyle 8 months ago

    The American people can’t find the US on a map. The majority of Americans can’t name all three branches of government. That doesn’t mean Trump didn’t break the law.


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