Fox News Hypocrites Outraged Over Biden’s Kimmel Interview & Secret Service Prank on Cousin Micki

Published on June 8, 2022

President Joe Biden joins us on the show and as a precautionary measure we rounded up everyone in our audience named Brandon, the folks over at Fox News and wannabe Fox News Juniors are very upset that the President is doing our show, Fox “News” has decided to not carry the January 6th hearings on their network, a candidate with the last name Fudge ran for Judge in California, and we play a prank on Cousin Micki by telling her that the U.S. Secret Service needed to run an additional check on her based on some concerns from her past.


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  • Vidal Mateos 10 months ago

    love it hahah <3

  • Oscar Jackson 10 months ago

    Fox News is like the evil stepmother

  • JA L 10 months ago

    I’m China. I’m watching. You’re welcome!

  • David Simi 10 months ago

    Jimmy, I miss the pranks on cousin Micki and Aunt Chippie. Please do more. Miss Cousin Sal as well. Bring him back. Love you, Guillermo. You’re not bad either, Jimmy 😀 Props to Cleto and the Cletones! Ok. Done name dropping

  • Ciao Jeff Italia 10 months ago

    Fox actually sounds pretty good on this clip. Maybe, I’ll start listening to them.

  • Top Doc 10 months ago


  • Heather Exum 10 months ago

    I actually am watching from China!

  • Jay Wulf 10 months ago

    ROFL! Fox News “Serious Journalists”
    The entire station is a 24/7 comedy channel.

  • Silver Palmz 10 months ago

    TRUE TO BLUE🔵🔵🔵🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Huck Berry 10 months ago

    That’s right you lemmings, laugh it up, kimmel doesn’t show you all of the harsh interviews Trump actually had to endure.
    Every single one of you lemmings know this country was much better off under Trump.
    It’s glaringly hilarious that you all think this country is in a better place when in reality, we’re screwed! Every single one of you are screwed under biden.
    Your absolute hatred for one man and those that support him are just upset because Trump did for this country exactly what he said he’d do and he accomplished them and he didn’t take any BS from anyone and you lemmings we’re so offended by that! Why is having the lowest fuel prices, lowest crime rates, lowest unemployment rates among all races, a controlled border, keeping china in check and no new wars so offensive???
    This country is facing $8 a gallon fuel prices in the next month nationwide, violent crimes are skyrocketing, 3 million illegal border crossings are projected by the end of the year, thousands of Americans were deserted in the absolute failed Afghanistan pullout and 13 service members killed, now this country is in deep jeopardy of getting in a nuclear war with Russia and You’re ALL okay with this because you were offended by some mean tweets???? liberalism TRULY is a mental disorder and you lemmings are too drunk to understand that.
    I can’t wait to see all of the colorful responses from you miserable morons….

  • Bagger Blaylock 10 months ago

    Half of her story is a lie lol

  • Danzarr 10 months ago

    the funniest piece of this segment, was that someone considered brett beier a serious journalist.

  • GrayBeard_gamer 10 months ago

    Ok if we were to try and assign a value as to how truly unspeakable this was for Jimmy to do to Cousin Micki, let’s say 10 being not too bad, zero being really quite bad and -10 being, well despicable, I think the average person would say in the negative values, for sure.

  • Darrell Knott 10 months ago

    Could Fox News have fluffed trump any harder? I mean really, how did they get the orange spray tan off their lips?

  • SammyT 10 months ago

    The guy who played the secret service agent was so believable I almost forgot it was a prank, lol. And Micki was adorable.

  • Ken 10 months ago

    Honestly if a “secret service agent” tells you that you need to recite the pledge, that should be a huge red, white and blue flag something is up.

  • Adrian Vidgen 10 months ago

    Did Kimmel ask sleepy Joe about the contents of Hunter’s Laptop? Of course not.

  • tzvi 10 months ago

    Liberals are so open minded,
    That their brains flew out!

  • bartholomew cubbins 10 months ago

    Wow, cousin Micki sure has a dark side!


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