Fox News Ducks The Robert Mueller Indictments Story

Published on October 31, 2017

Stephen couldn’t help but notice that Fox News and ‘Real News Tonight’ covered Robert Mueller’s indictments very similarly. In that, they hardly did.

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  • Brenda Rua 3 years ago

    el Trumpo better hope there’s no tape. Oh the irony. Donnie boi, is going to realize that what goes around comes around. He’s about to find out he’s NOT the alpha dog on the block, but about to be a bitch.

  • Emilio Reyes 3 years ago

    “It’s all thanks to Millennials”
    *continues to talk about burger Emoji*

  • Matt Dee 3 years ago

    I feel like 1:31 should have started the “Real News Tonight” clip by Colbert’s saying “Jim?” instead of the robotic “let’s take a look at their broadcast” <-crazy and made up

  • yourma2000 3 years ago

    Why do you American’s watch gobshites like this guy? Yet another mouthpiece preying on the political ignorance and disinterest of the public and disguising propaganda as “comedy”.

    Having gone and looked at the Fox News streams on YouTube, all they have done is cover the story. I haven’t got the stamina to sit through this guy’s show, but if this is representative of it then he’s one dishonest and scheming prick.

  • Ryan Hanson 3 years ago

    “Real News Tonight” just isn’t landing… this was the best one yet, and it got like 2 laughs from the audience (and probably less from the online audience). I’d cut it. Like, all the elements are there for it to be funny, but it’s just…not. Just sayin’.

  • xxxxmimi 3 years ago

    It really scares me when I watch that former Judge Pirro licking Trumps ass on FOX

  • Dio Medes 3 years ago

    The level of importance of any NEWS coverage is measured with number of trolls and RUSSKY BOTS ( butts!? ) gathering around it.
    This news has gathered the trolls and their illegitimate brothers fathering them and their dogs.

  • FacheChanteDeux 3 years ago

    All tricks and No treats, what a perfect slogan for Fox Faux news! That or All Bread and No Burger.

  • The Punisher 3 years ago

    I’m laughing so hard at these liberal clowns pieces of dog shit , because when the whole investigation is over , Trump will be standing as the president of the United States of America , woooooooo

  • jim22277 3 years ago

    I like fox news.

  • Darien Falks 3 years ago

    This political civil war is stupid. Just start fighting people and get it over with already.

  • Sugarhighme Gaming 3 years ago

    Faux News…

    Get it?

    For the president’s Faux friends.

  • Dorothy Day Kate Duvall 3 years ago

    Papadopoulos Is Connected to Fusion Dossier: Was in Contact with Sergie Millian, the Steele Source for the Dossier
    by Jim Hoft 31 October 2017

    Former Trump Campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos was arrested for making false statements to FBI agents.
    Papadopoulos was a volunteer whose repeated attempts to set up meetings between Trump’s camp and Russians were repeatedly rejected.

    ** Here is a copy of the Papadopoulos indictment that was filed back on October 5, 2017.

    Papadopoulos was reportedly wired by Robert Mueller to spy on Trump campaign officials after his arrest in July.

    Now this…
    George Papadopoulos was in contact with Sergei Millian, who was the Steele “source” for the anti-Trump dossier.

    According to Reddit contributor GeminiSi:

    From the Statement of Offense.

    1. 10 – 11 April – George Papalopoulos (GP) emails the Russian female contact trying to set up a ‘foreign policy trip’ , which she agrees to eagerly.

    2. 26 April – GP meets Russian woman who tells him they can arrange a Putin-Trump meeting & have ‘dirt’ on HRC -/…

    3. The Russians have another go. On June 9, the Trump Jr sting. A Russian woman promises dirt on HRC, but never delivers. Sound familiar?

    4. And here’s an interesting fact. GP had another contact he never disclosed,- Sergei Millian.

    And from an anti-Trump tweeter (Louise Mensch) who connects the two on 15 Aug 2017, but doesn’t quite get the significance: George Papadopoulos, who repeatedly tried to set up a Putin-Trump meeting per @WashPost, is tied to Sergei Millian… YES. Millian of Steele Dossier fame, see Sergei Millian.

    Sergei Millian is one of 240 GP’s Facebook friends.

    Millian told several people that during the campaign and presidential transition he was in touch with George Papadopoulos, a campaign foreign policy adviser, according to a person familiar with the matter. Millian is among Papadopoulos’s nearly 240 Facebook friends.

    Papadapoulos was told Russia had breached Clinton correspondence by Moscow-connected academic. P’s chum Millian was a Steele source.

    — Michael Weiss (@michaeldweiss) October 30, 2017

    1/ I’d forgotten this: George Papadopoulos, who repeatedly tried to set up a Putin-Trump meeting per @WashPost, is tied to Sergei Millian…

    — Andrew S. Weiss (@andrewsweiss) August 15, 2017

    In January 2017 ABC News identified Sergei Milian as the key source of the Fusian GPS anti-Trump Dossier.

  • sam sloan 3 years ago

    Read the indictments, this had nothing to to with collusion or propaganda to rig the election.Manafort was Trump’s campaign chairman, podesta was Clinton’s campaign chairman..the podesta group lost hundreds of millions of dollars when crooked Hillary lost the election because Russian entities thought they had a connection to the Hillary’s white house..


  • Mark Heyne 3 years ago

    Why isn’t there a reputable right-wing news channel in America? I like to read the print news from both sides of the political spectrum, but on tv the only non-liberal resource is the awful Fox and their imbecilic entertainers, aka ‘reporters’ .

  • Taylor Hartman 3 years ago

    My god Fox News is just getting ridiculous at this point, like they can’t even really call themselves a news station anymore when they just change or don’t report on whatever makes Trump look bad

  • Bill Garthright 3 years ago

    Speaking of that “roadside petting zoo” at Fox, I wish that Manafort had laundered money by having his assistants take it on old-timey caravans through the Arabian Desert. Then, maybe the title of this would have been “Fox Ducks Camel Gophers.” 🙂

    Sorry, but if I were any good at this, I’d probably be working for Colbert, myself, huh?

  • Rebecca Benefield 3 years ago

    Jill and Jim main and stream media and there tail sniffing petting zoo late night with weasel Colbert are very good at splicing, cutting and projecting.

  • BenieTheDragon 3 years ago

    I nearly lost the ability to breath seeing them rapidly interrupting eachother with ‘breaking news’. Too funny! 😀
    Never eat a tootsie roll pop while watching something like this.

  • Jake Stephen 3 years ago

    I didn’t know Real News Tonight was a Canadian news station


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