Fox News Christmas Tree Fire Wasn’t Politically Motivated | The Debt Ceiling Shouldn’t Be A Thing

Published on December 8, 2021

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Friends at Fox News who are reeling from the loss of their “holiday tree” after a suspected arson last night. Down in Washington, Congress is once again threatening to destroy the world economy by playing games with America’s nonsensical debt ceiling. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • DON MORRIS 2 years ago

    You seriously have to work to find anyone stupider than Ashley LMAO

  • Gregore, The Trans Fella 2 years ago

    The well being of the homeless individual is a lot more important than their tree, but they’ll demonize this person and make it all about their mythical war on Christmas while this person starves in the street then gets arrested rather than helped… happy holidays

  • Tony Baloney 2 years ago

    Fox News trying to treat it like some sort of freakish event… I’m like “”uhh xmas trees are well known for being flammable.””

  • RubbishFPS 2 years ago

    The burning tree is a perfect analogy for the flaming wreckage they have left the GOP in with their propaganda.

  • Paul Miller 2 years ago

    The fire was set by Stephen Colbert.

  • M 2 years ago

    They even tried to claim their Christmas tree also celebrates Hanukkah… LOL!

    Well, guess what! Hanukkah is also known as the “Festival of Lights”… so, “Light ’em up, Jack!” LOL!

  • Fingr'z B'Grubbin' 2 years ago

    hahah the bill orliey joke was good

  • Leonard S. 2 years ago

    That was a major fire. Colbert laughs about it. He is full of hate.

  • Stefan Dingenouts 2 years ago

    The tree is about jesus… girl… it’s the pagan midwinter solstice celebrations tree adopted into christianity to sell the religion more easily. It doesn’t even remotely have a connection to jesus and there are religious texts explicitly damning the thing and sects of christianity that forbid it because it’s a pagan symbol. But yeah Fox, can’t expect them to know anything about any subject…

  • speedhump231 2 years ago

    How long till the Stephen Colbert Christmas album comes out?

  • The Darkness 2 years ago

    So republicans got a taste of their own medicine from all the baseless fires they’ve started.

  • Lois Gertz 2 years ago

    God got sick of all the lying and struck it with lightning!

  • BOOMSTICKER 2 years ago

    Holy shit Steven can sing pretty good!!

  • Nonna_SoF 2 years ago

    I’ve got to wonder why it’s so easy to light a giant decoration in the middle of the street. It’s almost like it wasn’t built to any fire safety codes, oh right.

  • dont-want-no-wrench 2 years ago

    never would have happened if the tree had a gun—OMG LOL


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